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Build a team of All Star players and compete with the best teams from around the World.

Hockey All Stars

- There are over 2.5 billion mobile gamers. A market bigger than PC and console combined! -

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Vitriol - Oct 1

Android iOS

Colorscope - Oct 1

Android iOS

Castle craft: world war - Oct 5

Android iOS

Me is king - Oct 6

Android iOS

Soccer manager 2022 - Oct 7

Android iOS

Real coaster: Idle tycoon - Oct 7

Android iOS

Horror brawl - Oct 8

Android iOS

Tiny Dungeon - Oct 8

Android iOS

Red shoes: wood bear world - Oct 8

Android iOS

My arcade empire - Oct 10

Android iOS

Sugar game - Oct 11

Android iOS

Real soccer - Oct 11

Android iOS

Hundred days - Oct 13

Android iOS

Basketball odyssey - Oct 13

Android iOS

Wrestling Rumble - Oct 18

Android iOS

Cubic defense - Oct 19

Android iOS

Sproutle - Oct 20

Android iOS

NBA NOW 22 - Oct 20

Android iOS

Townscaper - Oct 20

Android iOS

Forest island - Oct 21

Android iOS

Clash of minions - Oct 21

Android iOS

Backpack heroes - Oct 22

Android iOS

Spiral warrior - Oct 24

Android iOS

Sprite fantasia - Oct 26

Android iOS

Guns up mobile - Oct 27

Android iOS

Cat shelter & Animal friends - Oct 27

Android iOS

Cut the rope: blast - Oct 31

Android iOS

PUBG: New State - Oct 31.

Android iOS

Team Shark


Razer walks the fine line between perfectionist and obsessive boss. As a result, he take's a very 'hands on' approach to things.

Likes: Calling at odd hours for work.
Dislikes: Slackers.

Web Developer

Jab works on the technical implementation of things. He's arguably the smartest shark in the group and overall friendly.

Likes: Problem solving and burgers.
Dislikes: Pay2win games.

Community manager

Fuzzy is too relaxed for his own good, and this often puts him at odds with Razer, but his saving grace is that he's good with socials and exhibiting bursts of creativity when it really matters.

Likes: Heavy metal.
Dislikes: Deadlines.

Lead Writer

Spike is a workaholic and a good motivator with his can-do attitude. His motto is 'Work hard - Play hard', and while it's not the deepest philosophy by any stretch, it's good enough for our work place.

Likes: New challenges.
Dislikes: Unnecessary drama.

Special Thanks

- Azeemjaffer