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isTom Games

Android, Ios

32 Secs: Traffic Rider is an endless-runner game that uses bikes as the player’s vehicle.

However, unlike hundreds of other mobile games in the genre that are very similar to each other, this one has a shiny sci-fi theme.

With futuristic vehicles, a sci-fi metropolis to race in, tons of power-ups to use, and enemy bikes trying to cut you off at every turn – the mobile game seems like a good time. But let's find out if that's really the case.


The gameplay of 32 Secs is very straightforward.

You play the game by using one of three control schemes, which differ between swiping, on-screen buttons, and movement sensitivity.

You can only move left or right, and there’s one button for slowing down and one for using Nitro.

Your goal is very simple – avoid all the traffic, grab as much energy as possible, and don’t crash or run out of time.

While there are many power-ups in the game which you can upgrade, there is no way to use them on command, and they always have to be randomly found within the level.

There are other racers scattered throughout the traffic and they will try to take you out at every chance they get. However, you have far more durability in comparison and can strategically survive their attacks, or even attack them yourself.

The level timer resets every time you access a checkpoint, so you’ll almost never run out of it. And additionally, there are power-ups that stop time or give you more seconds too.

Hitting the traffic head-on or taking too many hits to the side will cause you to crash, and then you can either watch very long ads to revive yourself or give up.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider is fairly entertaining to play at first because the sci-fi spin on the oversaturated genre makes things far more fun than they have ever been.

The game looks great from a visual standpoint so the maps are exciting to play in since they keep changing dynamically as you play. The power-ups are fun to use, avoiding the traffic is intense due to how fast you have to race, and smashing AI racers is very satisfying thanks to great crashing animations.

But unfortunately, it all gets old very fast because there’s frankly not much to do in the game.

Sure, you can unlock extra bikes and purchase additional maps – but even these things offer little to the player in terms of variety and you will feel begin to feel the repetition after the first few hours.

Due to the severe lack of variety and things to do, 32 Secs essentially feels like a fun demo of something bigger that never came out.

Every good racing game needs extra modes and more significant changes in gameplay and maps once you play for long enough. Otherwise, it just gets boring after a while because it feels like you’ve already done everything.

The free version of the game is a waste of time too because the ads are too long and annoying to watch for the revives.

Even if you don’t want to use the revives, giving up will still force you to watch a long advertisement just to get to the main menu. It gets tedious very quickly and makes you want to either buy the no-ads version or uninstall the app.

While the obvious answer is buying the no-ads version if you enjoy the game a lot, it feels a bit too much to spend due to the fact that two of the game’s extra maps require real-world money to be spent too.

For a game that isn’t very replayable, spending so much feels like a decision that needs to be reconsidered.

32 Secs gameplay 32 Secs gameplay


The graphics of 32 Secs are pretty good.

There is a great amount of detail in the environment, which even includes small touches such as traffic in the air occasionally flying through. Whether it’s the traffic, the tracks, or objects far away on the map – everything has beautiful animations.

The game even makes crashing yourself fun because the animation of crashing is addicting to watch as your vehicle flies away and is covered in malfunctioning electricity.

While the gameplay is lacking in content and variety – the game absolutely nails the visual aspects.

The UI is amateurish in both form and function. The developers tried to make it look cool as you have to rotate the screen to select an option, but there is a lot of inconsistency in what follows. For example, different menus have different ways to exit them instead of having a specific button that you can count on every time.

The polish needs some work too, as you can run into weird issues such as the game causing your phone’s on-screen buttons to pop up on the bottom right after an ad finishes and that makes the game hard to play until you restart the app. There are also some basic things missing, such as automatically being paused right after an ad ends.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider is optimized decently aside from these issues and runs very smoothly.

The sound design is decent. There are different background music tracks that automatically shuffle as you’re playing the game. They’re generic and can begin to feel repetitive, but it’s still better than the mobile games that play the same poorly looped music on repeat.

The sound effects are good too, as there’s a sound for everything that you see on the screen. Although it could have been managed a bit better because some sounds are not as loud as they should be. And sometimes, the game’s sounds play even when you’re watching an ad – which is a weird bug.

Rating: 5

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

32 Secs: Traffic Rider is a fun spin on the endless-racer formula, but falls flat on its face due to a lack of content and requiring too many purchases to be enjoyable.

You can have a fair amount of fun with it, but it will begin to feel like you’ve played it for eternity after a couple of hours. Therefore, this might not be the mobile game that you have been waiting for in the genre.