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Android, Ios

Whether you’re a gamer or not – if you have a smartphone, then you probably know what an endless-runner is.

After all, they’re the most common type of games that you’ll find on the mobile platform, whether it’s created by an indie developer or a big name company. The problem is that the majority feel like slightly altered reskins of each other.

Alto’s Adventure looks like an exception as soon as you take a glance at it, and that’s because you can tell that the game has something special.

However, it's been out for many years now and since then many other endless-runner games have been released, which of course includes some good ones too.

So, does Alto’s Adventure still stand out as an experience today? or is it now a relic of the old days? Let’s find out.

Altos Adventure gameplay


The gameplay of Alto’s Adventure is very straightforward but in the best possible way.

The purpose of every run is to simply catch as many llamas as you can while going long distances and pulling off cool tricks along the way.

You get points for the tricks you perform and it gets added to your overall score, for things like back-flipping, bumping off of objects, and grinding on rails.

The controls are simple and the hazards are generally easy to avoid.

In every run, you will be randomly chased by angry elders who are angry that you woke them up and will attack you if they catch up to you.

There are two power-ups that you can pick up, the coin magnet which typically makes it easier to get coins, and a feather. The feather is something that allows you to float, which means you won’t hit any hazards along the way – although the elders can still attack you in this state.

The game has multiple characters to play as and they all have differences in terms of their gameplay. Some run faster, others can pull off stunts with more efficiency, and so on.

Despite its simplicity, Alto’s Adventure is very entertaining to play.

I originally played the game years ago when it was released and had hours of fun with it. And now that I got to play it again, I had just as much of a good time and enjoyed every second of playing.

The game is not really super addicting, but it does still make you want to play continuously due to how relaxing the gameplay is.

The focus is on providing the player with an experience that is both fun and stylish to play, which is a good contrast from mobile games that try to frustrate the player so that they spend real-world money on it.

There is even a separate Zen mode, where you don’t lose, there are no scores, and the run never ends – which further proves that the gameplay is meant to relax and not heavily challenge you.

All in all, it’s a fun mobile game to play and it evidently has passion poured into it.

The game could use more content though as there’s not too much variation in things to do.

Altos Adventure gameplay Altos Adventure  gameplay


The graphics of Alto’s Adventure are mesmerizingly beautiful.

Although minimal, there is a fair amount of detail in both the environment and character models. The game has different types of areas to run through, such as icy chasms, a forest, a village, and so on – and they all look different from each other.

Additionally, the aforementioned day and night cycle change the aesthetics just enough to avoid repetition, and there are also things like rain and wind that mix things up further.

The UI and polish of the game are both equally excellent.

Everything is smooth, stable, and feels like a premium experience. There are no issues of any kind in the polish, and the UI is designed with neatness. The only thing the game could use in this department is cloud saves, as it’s annoying to lose your progress every time you switch a phone.

The sound design of the game is just as good as everything else. The background music is soothing and fits in perfectly with the other aspects of the game. The sound effects are high-quality and there’s a sound for everything that you see on the screen.

The game recommends using headphones to the player due to its sound design being so good, and this confidence is certainly not misplaced. Admittedly, you won’t remember any of the music once you’re done playing – but it’s still perfect for the type of game that it is.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Alto’s Adventure is one of the best mobile games that you’ll ever get your hands on and is perfect for those who are looking to unwind some of their stress. It’s beautiful, fun, and easy to play.