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Among Us


Innersloth LLC

Android, Ios

It’s not too often that a video game becomes so trendy that even the people who you know have never touched a video game before start asking you to install it and join them the next time they play.

The newest craze, Among Us, follows the good old ‘Mafia’ game structure and combines it with a unique space theme that hasn’t been done before.

The rules are simple – you are part of a group of astronauts in space who have to complete a list of tasks to win the game, but there are imposter players who are tasked with sabotaging the ship, manipulating innocents into voting each other out, and killing members to reduce the chances of the good guys’ victory.

The premise sounds fun on paper, but does the mobile game version of Among Us live up to its expectations?. Let's find out.


Among Us is quite simple in its rules and is similar to the likes of Town of Salem.

The complexity eventually comes through the different players and how well they can manage the crews.

The good guys need to be on their toes at all times and pay close attention to anything suspicious going on, and if they manage to figure out anything, they can initiate an emergency meeting in which you discuss details with each other and eventually vote the imposters out.

Players can also report dead bodies if they find one, which also automatically leads to another emergency meeting and you can discuss details to figure out who was behind the murder. However, both of the methods to call an emergency meeting are something that the imposters can do too and it can greatly play out to their advantage if they manage to manipulate the innocents.

The one thing that the imposters can’t do are the tasks of the ship. Those are meant only for the good guys and if they manage to complete all of them or vote the imposters out before it’s too late, they automatically win the game. While different people can have different tasks, it can eventually be something that helps you find out who the imposter could be in some cases.

In the end of it all, how fun the game will be is entirely dependent on the people you are playing with and it’s preferable that you mostly play with friends as the public lobbies can come with its issues such as people taking forever to join, people quitting as soon as they realize they’re not the imposter, the host putting up an unfair ratio of innocents and imposters, or even painfully long vote times.

It’s just overall better to play with people you know and use the best approach for these settings.

Among Us kill or sabotage Among Us options


Among Us has very simple graphics and it follows a cartoonish 2D aesthetic that is not flashy and just about does its job.

It really does not hold back the fun in any way, but it does leave a lot to desire since even 2D graphics have been improved to a great degree compared to what the game offers. But at least the general design of the characters and the different level maps are all somewhat detailed and don’t exactly feel like a high schooler’s MS Paint project.

The UI and polish are pretty decent and the game kind of embraces its minimalist design by including a messy-looking font and simple boxes encapsulating the menus and lobbies.

It’s great when a development team knows its limitations and does the best with what it has available, and it really paid off in this case.

There’s nothing to say about the game’s music and sound effects, as they almost don’t exist.

The sound effects are very basic and only play in important parts of the game, but for a game that most people will just play on a Discord call any way it’s not really a flaw.

The game knows its audience and it all blends in perfectly as a result.

Rating: 8

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

People of all ages can enjoy this mobile game and its unique gameplay allows endless possibilities of how each match will turn out.

Among Us is a trend that’s here to stay even though some of the recent updates for the mobile version might have made it worse.