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Ancient Bricks


Zippy Mobile

Android, Ios

When I heard the name Ancient Bricks, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the one assumption that you automatically make is that it would, in visual design, be something similar to Temple Run.

When I opened the store and began to download the game, I was surprised to see that it’s actually a good old brick breaker game, a genre long dead after seeing a final peak during the Facebook Block Breaker days.

One of the things that you notice right off the bat about Ancient Bricks is the fact that it has a unique setting of its own, similar to Zuma but with a much more atmospheric approach to it.

Ancient Bricks gameplay


The gameplay of Ancient Bricks is what you'd expect from a brick breaker game. You have your paddle which you can move left or right, and you need to hit the incoming ball at different angles so that it crashes every single brick above you.

The theme and presentation of the game are about forgotten ruins and unlocking secrets of the land, with almost all of them leading you to gold trinkets which you collect as the game’s currency.

There are two game modes. The Exploration mode features 240 levels and 192 hand-crafted tombs (according to the developers), while the Mining mode is for farming and goes on endlessly until you give up or can’t progress anymore.

There’s a lot of variety to the gameplay as there are tons of power-ups that you can unlock and find within the bricks you break, as well as many interactable objects in the environment that can cause fire, explosions, and lasers, all of which assist you in your path of destruction.

You are offered a limited amount of balls to use in a level, and the power-ups affect both the ball and your paddle, and this includes things like magnetism, wider reach, faster speed, and so on.

However, the game often tricks you with certain power-ups that are actually harmful and make your paddle smaller among other things. I’d say that’s fitting for a game that tries to set up a ‘Mummy tomb’ type of atmosphere, so it’s only natural that among all the treasure you can get cursed as well.

Ancient Bricks gameplay Ancient Bricks gameplay


The graphics of the game are nothing special, but they’re surprisingly competent for a brick-breaking game.

It follows a specific theme as mentioned previously, and it manages to visually present it to you quite well. There’s enough detail to go around, and the effects are beautifully rendered, so you can easily find yourself immersed in it.

However, almost all of the game shares the same type of aesthetics so if you find it repetitive once, it’s time to uninstall the game at that point.

It does make up for some of its repetitive-looking design by adding clever levels which include puzzles to solve with your brick-breaking skills, such as levels where a chain is stopping you from completing your task and you’d have to first break the bricks holding the chain together to get rid of it.

The UI is well implemented and consistently follows the overall theme, and the game is fairly polished in almost every aspect besides the sound design.

The sound design, in general, is good, as I like the catchy background music and the sound effects such as explosions or just things as simple as breaking bricks. However, there are a few things that can be fixed such as the loop part of the soundtrack. Some levels are quite long and after the background music runs its length, it abruptly starts over. So, it’s a bit distracting when you are really immersed in the game.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Ancient Bricks is a solid brick-breaking game and I enjoyed playing one of those after so long. Hopefully, it helps in reviving the genre a bit and does not just inspire mindless clones.

It’s a fun mobile game that will keep you busy for a while and perhaps even make you nostalgic, but it can use slightly faster pacing in the earlier parts of the game and some tweaks in the sound department.