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Ancient Planet Tower Defense

Tower Defense

IP Dmitri Isaenkov

Android, Ios

Ancient Planet Tower Defense is, as the name so aptly implies, a strategic tower defense.

The game takes place on a surreal alternate planet with a sci-fi atmosphere and features everything that you would expect from a good strategy game – lots of action, different maps, and a long campaign.

So, does it have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? Let's find out.


The gameplay of Ancient Planet TD is very straightforward for the genre.

You start each level with a small amount of silver coins to set up your defenses.

After which, waves of enemies will attempt to collapse on your HQ and destroy it, and surviving a certain number of waves will then progress you to the next level.

There are two currencies that you earn as the level progresses, the silver coins are used to build the majority of turrets while the gold coins, which drop from enemies, are used for support powers and to build mines (generating more silver coins).

Support powers are unlocked as you advance through the different worlds, such as landmines and an orbital beam that can incinerate anything for a short duration when it's activated.

It's important to note that the game does not ever overwhelm you with options but gradually introduces new game mechanics and weapons, and of that, none are worthless or redundant.

There are also changes to the level design as your progress further, such as obstacles that disrupt your ability to build certain things until you destroy them.

I was worried that the game would fail to stand out, but it proved me wrong. It is extremely fun to play and I found myself nearly addicted, wanting to always play more as I went on.

I completed the first two worlds without taking a break because it’s just so entertaining and the game’s balance plays a big part in that. It does not try to force you to spend real money and instead lets you use your brain to overcome every challenge that is thrown at you.

The game greatly encourages strategizing your approach to every level because it’s very easy to lose if you use your money wrong. You can refund certain purchases and that allows you to reprioritize what you need better, which is a great way to make the game less frustrating to play in case you’re stuck on a level.

At some point, however, it does become difficult and the average player would probably need to use a little bit of real-world money on boosters that make your stuff temporarily stronger.

But a lot of people, myself included, have managed to beat the game without spending any money – so for that reason, it's not pay-to-win and would deserve any bit of financial support since it's an excellent game without any ads either.

Ancient Planet Tower Defense grassland with red turrents Ancient Planet Tower Defense wasteland with red turrents


The graphics are the best thing about Ancient Planet TD because everything looks exceptionally high quality even when you’re fully zoomed in – and when you zoom out it just shows you how beautiful the overall setting is.

The game is fully textured and has great detail that all lend to making it that much more immersive and come to life.

The UI and overall polish are also excellent.

Unfortunately, many people seem to encounter random bugs with the game and that is worth noting. But I did not run into any issues myself, so it could have been fixed and updated.

The presentation of the game is a bit confusing at times in terms of the random artworks that provide the story-based context. It's nothing major and rather it just comes across as being more ambiguous than it should be.

I really loved the soundtrack, as it keeps changing with the different maps and has some really catchy tunes to listen to. It’s rare to hear music in a mobile game that makes you feel like it greatly elevates the experience of the gameplay, but Ancient Planet is a game that manages to achieve that feat.

The sound effects are almost perfectly designed as well.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Ancient Planet Tower Defense is the best sci-fi tower defense game that I have played in recent times.

It's extremely polished, filled with meaningful options and paths to victory, and its focus on encouraging strategy over real-world purchases is something that I truly appreciate in a mobile game.