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Art of War 3: Global Conflict


Gear Games

Android, Ios

Due to the lack of an official StarCraft game on the mobile platform, the ‘best real-time strategy game’ spot is left vacant.

There are many different mobile games that try to claim that title, and Art of War 3: Global Conflict is one of them.

Featuring dual story campaigns that allow you to play the side of the conflict that you prefer and a real-time PvP mode that works as smooth as butter – the game has a lot to offer.

So, does it serve as a worthy mobile substitute for something like StarCraft? Lets find out.


Art of War 3 has almost every gameplay mechanic that you would expect from a solid real-time strategy game.

You have different buildings to construct that all serve individual purposes, such as generating energy, training soldiers, remaking resources, and so on.

Each of those buildings can be upgraded and as a result they provide you with better results based on their purpose.

While the story campaign has a few missions where you already start with a set of soldiers to command for an objective – most of the missions play out with you building a proper base first.

It takes a good level of strategizing to make sure you don’t run out of resources or soldiers halfway through the missions, and that’s half the fun of the experience.

There are many different ways in which you can command your soldiers. Such as ordering them to attack, defend, or hold a position in which they don’t leave a certain spot but still attack whatever enemy comes close.

All of these mechanics are handled incredibly well and make the game extremely entertaining.

The game lets you pick a side in the main conflict and you can switch your alignment at any point.

Both factions have an individual campaign and you help them destroy the bases of the other one in most of the missions.

Besides the campaign, there is a real-time PvP mode that is very fun to play and has skill-based matchmaking that only puts you against players that you can handle. It’s a great way to provide extra life to the game as fighting real players online and facing off against different strategies never gets old, and the servers of the game provide an excellent connection too.

However, due to the permanent upgrades to bases which requires grind to be done, and the in-game boosters that can be purchased at any time – the game can be quite pay-to-win in the PvP mode if your opponent does not mind spending some real-world cash.

It’s an unfortunate flaw in an otherwise perfect mode and provides a disadvantage to people who prefer playing fairly.

Art of War 3: Global Conflict blue tanks attacking infantry Art of War 3: Global Conflict red attack buggies attacking blue enemy buildings


Art of War 3 features graphics that are gorgeous and it has great detail in every single texture that you see.

Most of the game is played in a zoomed-out top-down perspective, but if you zoom in you can see that every building, vehicle, and character model is fully rendered and has high-quality graphics.

The UI and polish are top-notch as everything is easy to understand and feels professionally made. I did not encounter any bugs and every experience, whether offline or online, was as smooth as could possibly be.

The soundtrack is a bit generic but not in a bad way, and perfectly fits a game of this type. You won’t be remembering anything, but you’ll have a good time when you’re actually playing the game.

The sound effects are all put in proper places and are very fun to listen to, especially when you blow up enemy buildings with your troops.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Art of War 3 is an excellent mobile game that will satisfy most fans of real-time strategy, and it acts as a good substitute for games like StarCraft on smartphones.

It can be a little convoluted in terms of progression and a few pay-to-win elements hold it back from potentially reaching a perfect score.