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Banana Kong


FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

Android, Ios

Banana Kong is an endless-runner mobile game that initially got released back in 2013.

Even after all these years, Banana Kong is still being enjoyed by many mobile gamers all around the world.

The game has much resemblance to the legendary title in the gaming universe, Donkey Kong, and the gameplay is impressively designed to bring a simple yet challenging experience where you get to play as a gorilla being chased by a massive avalanche of bananas.


The main goal of the game is to outrun the avalanche while also picking up other bananas along the way.

The gorilla moves on his own, but it’s your job to make him jump or glide in order to avoid the hurdles.

At times, the controls in Banana Kong feel a bit clunky and unreliable when compared to other popular endless runners like Subway Surfers or Minion Rush: Despicable Me.

While the main mechanic of the game is ‘tapping to jump’, the bananas you pick up will charge you up for a special power where you can thrust forward by swiping right.

Even though this gameplay style is pretty simple and easy at first glance, it really starts getting tricky and harder as you progress.

You will need to sit tight and pay attention as the pace of the game picks up because the obstacles become more difficult.

The terrain also gets more complicated, and you want to be smart enough to decide where to jump, where to slide, and where to glide.

So, Banana Kong really manages to captivate the player with its modest yet action-packed gameplay. And as you play through the game, it gives you various challenges to complete and lets you purchase different upgrades in order to make the experience more fun and interesting.

The best part is not even that; the Gorilla can also enter into a few other levels/platforms where the pace of the game, the terrain, and the overall aesthetics of the game change.

For instance, Mr. Kong can use special entrances along the way to enter an underground platform that has a more dangerous tone than the classic course. The obstacles become harder and there is a high chance that you might fall into the lava while in this zone.

Banana Kong ape collecting bananas for score Banana Kong ape flying through the air


Banana Kong, though dated, is still a pretty vibrant and colorful game. All the cartoonish characters are fun and interesting.

One thing that I really loved regarding the visuals is the fact that it follows a memorable theme.

While the game itself looks good, the user-interface in all the menus and shops looks quite outdated.

The choice of music for this game is fantastic as the music works brilliantly with the gameplay.

The sound effects are also quite good and follow the theme of the game. However, at times these sound effects can be a little louder than they need to be and strongly overshadow the background music.

The first thing that you will love about Banana Kong, being a free game, is how short the ads are.

Unlike other games with ads, Banana Kong lets you skip the ads almost instantly and lets you enjoy your game without any trouble. You can also remove these ads completely for a very small price.

Rating: 7

Fuzzy shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Fuzzy

Banana Kong stands out for its simplicity and the cuteness of its gameplay style and visuals.

The catchy theme song and lovable gorilla will keep you occupied for hours and is an ideal mobile game for the entire family.