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Battle of Polytopia


Midjiwan AB

Android, Ios

If you like games such as Civilization and Age of Empires, then you must have been looking for mobile ports of them or mobile games that are similar, and most likely overlooked Battle of Polytopia due to its low-poly artwork.

But once you give the game a try, you begin to realize that it actually counts as a fair entry to the genre of strategy games where you expand your kingdom and lead it to glory – or failure.

With multiple rulers to choose from and tons of gameplay features that make the game varied enough so that every replay is a different experience, the turn-based mobile game is packed with content that will keep you busy for many hours.


The gameplay is very simple and addicting, as even someone who goes blind into the game will find tons of fun things to do.

As mentioned earlier, Battle of Polytopia features several different civilizations to choose from, and there is a large skill tree through which you can learn new things that you will be using to expand your empire, whether it’s the ability to sail, fish, mine, or forge – it’s all going to take time for you to learn while you’re also expanding your empire and troops simultaneously.

Fellow tribes will also occasionally teach you new skills if they are impressed by your tribe, and you can then stab them in the back and take over their civilization as well.

There are several modes in Battle of Polytopia and one of them ends in only 30 turns so your goal is to expand your empire as fast as you can before you get the final results, which adds a lot of replayability as every playthrough will be different based on what skills you learn.

The game also has a multiplayer mode that works similarly to most other games of the genre; you and your friend/opponent face off with their respective civilizations and the first one to reach certain points or defeating the other empire directly wins the match.

Battle of Polytopia building a city Battle of Polytopia snowy map with boat in water


Instead of using realistic and heavily detailed graphics like its predecessors, Battle of Polytopia relies on simple low-poly graphics that are very easy and relaxing to look at, it provides enough detail so you have a good idea of what’s going on and can enjoy it.

There are tons of different colors used for different terrain maps so there’s no aesthetic repetition, and when you get to other tribes and travel the sea it all looks fairly different as well.

The UI and polish of the game is incredible, as you would barely notice that you’re playing an indie game due to every piece of the menu and interface being very beautifully made and having no rough edges.

The menu soundtrack is also catchy and I love the sound effects for the tiny little things that happen in this game.

For a game about expanding your empire through murder and war, the game is surely relaxing and adorable to experience.

Despite its innocent appearance, there’s much more to this mobile game than meets the eye and any fan of the genre would realize that as soon as they get 30 minutes with it.

Rating: 8

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Reviewed by Spike

Battle of Polytopia is a mobile game filled with addicting turn-based strategy mechanics, and taking over the world through the end of your sword has never been more casually fun.