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Bee Brilliant


Tactile Games

Android, Ios

There is an endless number of match-three games in the video game industry and that number has increased exponentially with the rise of mobile gaming.

A lot of those games are pretty good, but far too many simply exist for the sake of earning profits and bring nothing new to the table.

Bee Brilliant is a hexagon-style match-three mobile game that features a specific and lively theme about cute bees and that aspect is seen in every corner of the game.

The game certainly looks great from a first impression and the cute bees singing songs for you as soon as you launch it is very entertaining to listen to – but does the gameplay follow suit? Let's answer that.

Bee brilliant gameplay


Bee Brilliant is very simple.

The minimum number of bees that you have to match is three and they have to be the same color.

There is no limitation to how many bees you can match and the game rewards you for matching particularly large numbers.

As you progress through the game’s levels, you unlock new power-ups which are pretty standard stuff for the genre, such as one that targets a specific color on the entire board, one that clears an entire grid, one that repaints any color into what you want, and so on.

They are all fun to use and thanks to the game’s presentation and theme, it’s more entertaining than most other match-three games to pull off those things.

Unfortunately, this is all there is to the core gameplay and a lack of innovation truly holds the game back.

It has everything that makes match-three games fun and perfectly executes those concepts, but when they have been done a hundred times before it just isn’t as special anymore.

Bee Brilliant is rich with content, though.

With nearly 2000 levels and many unlockable things such as a Jukebox, different songs, and new power-ups along the way – there is a lot to do in the game for hundreds of hours.

Not only that, but the game also keeps you hooked by providing daily challenges and rewards, and lots of achievements that you can also fulfill both for fun and for the rewards that it can provide you.

The difficulty is very fair and I did not encounter any annoying ads whatsoever, so that is something the game certainly deserves praise for.

Bee Brilliant Splash screen Bee Brilliant match-3 bees


The graphics of Bee Brilliant are absolutely beautiful and the animations are all nothing short of eye-candy.

With colorful characters and joyful aesthetics, the game feels very alive and every single aspect of it is well-designed.

This carries onto the UI and polish of the game, as every single menu is perfectly made and nothing feels rough, even children will not have any issues navigating it whatsoever and it is not riddled with annoying ads or crowded lines of text.

The sound is one of the strongest aspects of the game, which is odd both for mobile games and the match-three genre in general.

The cute bees in the game constantly sing songs for you which starts with the menu itself and then becomes a regular thing every time you complete a level.

The number of singing bees is altered based on how many stars you get in the level that you’re playing, so even if you don’t manage to ace a level, the variation of that is still fun to watch.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Bee Brilliant could be something special if it steers a bit towards innovation – but even in its current state, it’s one of the best match-three mobile games that you can play and its design and presentation are top-notch.