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Block Puzzle


isTom Games

Android, Ios

Block Puzzle is a simple puzzle game with Tetris blocks.

The difference here is that the blocks don’t fall down, instead, you hold onto them and place them on the screen yourself.

Unlike other mobile games in the genre that try to have extra things to mix the formula up, Block Puzzle does not have any tricks up its sleeves and offers a very basic experience.

So, is it worth your time? Let’s find out.

block puzzle gameplay


The gameplay of Block Puzzle is child's play.

You are given three blocks each at a time to hold and drop them wherever you want on the screen.

The rule is simple, you just have to complete rows, and doing so will erase that part of the blocks.

Unlike Tetris, the blocks don’t fall down and fill up the screen, instead, you run out of possible moves if you play poorly and the game subsequently ends.

There is a Survival mode as well, which plays exactly the same way except that it has a bomb that appears at random times. The bomb allows you to complete 10 moves, but if you don’t manage to clear its row, the bomb explodes and you immediately lose the game.

There is nothing else to talk about regarding the game, as what you see is what you get. No extra modes, rules, or customization – you simply place the blocks, get a high score, lose, and start over.

If you’re into it, you’ll surely enjoy what you’re playing. But this isn’t the 90s anymore, so you’ll end up wanting something different soon enough and then the game fails to provide anything beyond the basic gameplay.

Block Puzzle gameplay Block Puzzle gameplay


The graphics of Block Puzzle are very simple, although not bad. It works for what the game is and looks okay.

The UI of the game is very basic and feels like something you’d see on a Flash game. There are grammar issues to be found, so it does not feel like the developers had much of an experience in this regard.

The polish is decent in terms of performance and the gameplay works fine too.

The background music is calm but very generic. It does not have anything catchy like the good old Tetris theme, so you might get bored of it if you play for too long.

The sound effects are okay, nothing special, nothing bad.

Rating: 6

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Block Puzzle, in the little that it offers, is not a bad game. However, it’s far too late for a game this simple and devoid of customization or creativity to be taken seriously.

You’ll enjoy it for an hour or two, and then you’ll realize there are mobile games with more content that you could be playing instead. The least that the developers can do is add multiplayer so that it becomes replayable.