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Botworld Adventure


Enigma Software JSC


If you ever wondered what it would be like if Pokemon trainers were animals, and the Pokemon themselves were robots – then Botworld Adventure is what you would get.

It’s an open-world game with RPG elements in which your goal is to craft bots and then take them into battle against fellow trainers, wild bots, and mischievous bandits.

Although the concept is not particularly unique, it’s undeniable even from a first impression that the developers put their own unique spin on it.

So, does Botworld Adventure live up to the games that it takes inspiration from? Let’s grab our bots and find out.


The gameplay of Botworld is divided into three sections.

Firstly, although the game takes place in an open world, there is a difference between being in the city and going off to explore the wild. In the city, you can talk to friendly NPCs who can help you with bot-related things and also give you missions to complete.

Second, when you walk outside of the city, you will use one energy point per visit, and then you are free to explore the game’s map as long as you aren’t defeated or choose to go back. The point of exploring is to find resources and battle against wild bots and bandits. A lot of the missions that you are given within the city lead you to tasks that have to be completed in the wild.

Third, we have the battle system itself. You and your enemy deploy a limited number of bots that automatically fight each other. Victory depends on the placement of the bots and how they naturally counter each other’s stats – and you cannot strategize too hard about this because the game does not reveal what bots the enemy will use until you have already placed yours.

You do have a little bit of control over the outcome of the battle and that is by using power-ups. They don’t change the tide of the battle too much but provide a bit of support to your bots when they need it. In battles that don’t take place in the Arena, you can put this aspect of the game to auto-battle, and let the AI fight for you.

The game is incredibly fun to play and very addicting.

The transitions between being in the city, being in the wild, and going into battle are all very smooth and it makes exploration very fun. Within the city, there is an Arena that is similar to the gyms that we see in Pokemon and have powerful opponents to fight.

There is a lot of customization in the game, which can be seen in both cosmetics and gameplay-related things. You can change the race, clothing, and color of your character and assign many different perks to them that provide bonuses in battle. You can also alter minor details like your Arena username and banner too.

When it comes to the bots themselves, there is a very large list of bots that you can find, build, and then use. They all have unique stats and it helps to have one of each since some are better at ranged attacks while others are great at melee. Once you have your main bots all lined up, you can keep upgrading them which makes them far better than what they were originally like.

Surprisingly, the microtransactions in the game are not aggressive. If you take breaks between playing, you’ll always have some energy to use and then you can visit the wild and grind for resources as much as you like. Whereas if you play more often, you can watch ads for extra energy and still avoid paying anything.

But if you’re someone who spends many hours playing such games, you’ll need to dish out some dollars or more to get started on your journey, which is pretty fair for a game that is as fun to play as this one.

Botworld does, however, have some flaws within its design. The difficulty spike that comes after several hours of gameplay is a bit annoying and the random encounters can get tedious due to just how many of them can occur in a single run (and running away from a battle sends you straight back to the city).

There is a multiplayer section but it does not feature any real-time fights. You simply fight teams of other players in terms of their statistics and who you’re really fighting is just the game’s AI. On top of that, the multiplayer matches put you up against severely overpowered teams and you almost never stand a chance to compete. The Squad/Recruit system is pretty barebones too and does not bring anything fun to the table.

The game is developed as a single-player adventure and that's pretty evident when you look at how expendable the multiplayer components are. With that being said, it’s not exactly a bad thing and the game is very fun to play as long as you can handle the repetition that you will surely experience later on.

Botworld Adventure gameplay Botworld Adventure gameplay


The graphics of Botworld are beautiful.

The visuals are not very high-definition, but the colorful art style makes it look pretty good nonetheless.

There is a fair bit of detail in the character models and the cities themselves, and there is enough distinction between the bots too that makes the effort of finding them all worth it.

It’s a funny concept on paper to have humanoid animals live in a city and then have bots as pets – but the developers managed to make it all look cute and pleasant in the visual side of things.

The UI of the game is very good and I loved how neat it feels. Everything is easy to find and there are no rough edges to be found.

The polish is excellent and the game runs very smoothly with no technical issues to be found – at least in my playthrough.

If you don’t go in expecting anything great, the sound design of Botworld is actually not bad. The sound effects are fun to hear and the background music is catchy too, which was surprisingly refreshing to hear in a game like this.

Rating: 8

Fuzzy the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Botworld Adventure is an addictingly entertaining game to play. It has an open world filled with life and there is enough content to keep you busy for days of gameplay. Although it can use some improvements and its multiplayer aspect seems disposable – it’s a great single-player video game to have on your phone.