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Android, Ios

If you’ve been on the internet for the past 15 years, then you must have surely come across Flash games published by MiniClip.

While the popularity of those games have significantly declined over time, a lot of them found new life on smartphones, and that’s where Bowmasters comes in.

It’s a unique type of shooting game where your aiming skills are put to the test against various game modes that play quite differently from each other.

So, let's find out if it's as fun as it looks.


Bowmasters has several game modes.

The first one is what you can consider the ‘main’ mode, which is your character of choice vs a random CPU opponent. The goal is simple – you have to kill them before they kill you, and at the end, the winner can hit the enemy one last time for a special finishing move.

The second mode replaces the CPU opponent with birds, and your goal is to shoot down as many as possible under a time limit.

The third mode lets you shoot at fruit instead of characters or birds, and the fourth and last mode is simply online multiplayer against real players.

The majority of these modes are locked and can only be played after winning a certain number of times.

The controls of the game are simple, you just have to get the combination of 'power' and the 'angle' right to hit your opponent, who is usually quite far from you. It can take some trial and error to hit them, but once you do, it becomes easier to guess it for the next few hits.

How you hit your enemies is where things take a different turn because all 42 playable characters in the game have their own unique weapons.

Some of the weapons are simple, such as a giant barrel, a basic arrow, or a flying injection.

But there are a few that have special abilities once you tap on them mid-air, such as the ‘playing cards’ weapon that splits in two and the ‘Hunger Girl’ arrow which can be split into three.

Even the simpler weapons usually have special finisher moves though, such as the injection causing people to explode.

Speaking of explosions, Bowmasters can be quite graphic since it has ragdoll physics and you can tear through flesh and bones like it’s nothing. While it’s still cartoonish at the end of the day, it might be a bit much for a few gamers to see brains and eyeballs splattering around.

The game is incredibly fun to play and I found it hard to stop playing once I started.

The different game modes offer a lot of replayability and it does not get old attacking your enemies in different ways, eventually watching them fall apart.

Plus, the game has many bonuses and achievements for when you pull off cool stunts and get headshots, so it feels more satisfying than it normally would.

Bowmasters gameplay Bowmasters gameplay


There is a great obstacle between you and enjoying the game, though, and that is the paywall.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who wishes to play this game at least purchase no-ads because the game is extremely annoying about them.

There’s an ad after almost everything, too many features are locked behind forcing you to watch ads, and most of the ads are over 30 seconds long and often reset your game’s progress if your phone does not have more than 3GB of RAM – which is oddly demanding in the first place.

But it does not stop there, as there are still too many things nearly impossible to buy and Bowmasters does not let you have most things with a single purchase. Instead, while you can buy no-ads quite cheap separately – the real ‘paid’ version of the game follows a ‘subscription’ model and it’s quite expensive.

But at the end of the day, the game is still very enjoyable if you just put a stop to the ads.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the other aspects:

The graphics of the game are cartoonish and 2D but in a very crisp and detailed type of way.

Everything is pleasant to look at and the animations are incredibly fluid. You’ll be amazed by how much attention has been put to little things like the skeletons popping out of the characters.

The UI of the game is beautiful and about as professional as it gets.

The polish is excellent too and I did not run into a single issue throughout the time I had with the game – but if you judge it by the free version alone, it’s quite flawed due to the fact the ads can randomly freeze the game.

The music is almost not there at all, but the sound effects are very fun to listen to and make every shot even more satisfying than it already was.

Rating: 8

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

There’s a lot of fun to be had with Bowmasters and you’ll thoroughly enjoy trying out the different game modes.

However, even if you’re willing to pay for the removal of ads – the game’s heavily priced ‘Premium’ subscription that blocks several features can be an annoyance.