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Call of Duty Mobile


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Android, Ios

When it comes to first-person shooters, few games are as recognizable as the Call of Duty franchise.

It doesn’t matter which era of warfare a Call of Duty game is set in, they have almost always retained the core elements of the series that make these games so fun to play, especially in multiplayer.

With the unparalleled success of PUBG Mobile proving that smartphones can handle competitive shooters better than anyone expected, it was only a matter of time before Call of Duty made its way on the mobile platform too.

So, not only does the game have fierce competition, but it also has a very big name to live up to.


The gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile is surprisingly the same as its console counterpart but built exclusively with touch controls in mind.

The screen is covered with carefully placed buttons that represent the most important aspect of things that you need in every match.

The left side controls movement and holding the joystick towards the top allows you to sprint. The right side has shooting, reloading, using the scope, and things like crouching/going prone.

Although I expected the game to feel less authentic compared to the true Call of Duty experience, that was not the case at all.

The movement is easy and feels very fluid. Shooting enemies is just as satisfying. Switching between using perks and combat is quick and does not feel confusing.

Everything flows organically and I can’t imagine Call of Duty on smartphones feeling any better than this.

The game has a lot of content, although that also causes the issue of oversaturation.

There are multiple modes available such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, Battle Royale, and a zombie mode. Some events are specific to different times of the year, such as a Christmas-themed mode where you throw snowballs instead of using bullets.

There are more maps in the game than you can count, which is great if you wanted the popular maps from the console games.

But, given that most matches only use a few maps that the community loves, having to download so many of them feels redundant. On top of that, there are hundreds of weapon skins, character skins, and even HD resources that are separate from the GBs of downloads you’ll be doing for the game in general.

It’s great to have so much content in a game but only if it’s relevant to the experience. When players ignore most of it and stick to the basics, it’s just confusing why the developers don’t get rid of the irrelevant things. That being said, the game does let you avoid downloading things that you don’t want.

Aside from a few problems with the UI and the aforementioned oversaturation of content, the game is very entertaining to play and it’s one of the few handheld experiences that I enjoyed even when I wasn’t playing it with friends.

It’s exactly what Call of Duty on mobile should be like, even if I prefer the console ones overall.

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay Call of Duty Mobile gameplay


The graphics are excellent and easily some of the best that I’ve seen in a mobile game – and that's before I ended up giving the HD resource pack a try.

Whether it’s the map, characters, or even just the weapons, everything has a lot of detail and looks beautiful on every phone that can properly run the game.

There is no unique art style to be found here, but it’s pretty good in terms of realism and looks better than a lot of its competition, especially PUBG Mobile.

The UI is something that I’m not fond of, and a big reason behind that is the fact that the developers added too many things to the game that you don’t need – and that’s excluding the things I already talked about. There are too many different challenge sections, reward sections, menus, and the shop feels like staring at an overcrowded colony of ants too.

You will end up ignoring everything that the game’s UI tries to throw your way and just stick to the basics of how you can start a match and play it.

The polish, on the other hand, is amazing and I am genuinely impressed by how smoothly the game runs. It’s a bit too reliant on having a good internet connection, but the performance side of things is nearly perfect and the gameplay was always a smooth experience.

The music isn’t bad but it’s generic and forgettable, which makes it feel like something that is only there as a formality.

The sound effects are pretty good and do a good job of making the game feel complete, which includes the announcer sounds too.

Rating: 8

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Reviewed by Spike

Call of Duty Mobile is a faithful port of the CoD franchise that captures every detail of what makes the console games so addicting to play.