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Castle Crush


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Android, Ios

Castle Crush is a multiplayer mobile game in which you battle 1v1 against other players on a map consisting of 3 lanes.

You will need to summon soldiers and fantastic monsters to overcome one lane in order to reach the opponent's castle and destroy it.

Castle Crush has no single-player content or modes besides its multiplayer gameplay.

So, is it a strategy game that you can invest your time in, or like most competitive mobile games - will a pay-2-win structure inevitably ruin any hopes of taking it seriously? Let's find out.


The gameplay of Castle Crush is about strategy and fast-paced matches.

When you first start the game you're thrown into a tutorial that does a good job of explaining the basics.

You have a deck that has a maximum of six cards. These cards are either troops or spells that you play onto the battlefield.

Similar to Clash Royale, Castle Crush is played by dragging cards (representing soldiers or spells) from your deck into one of three lanes that lead straight to the enemy castle.

The armies that you summon will automatically move and will battle anyone they encounter along the way.

Each card costs a varying amount of crystals. Crystals recharge slowly and the maximum amount of crystals you can have is twelve per match, and what you spend it on is up to you.

For instance, you could summon an epic monster costing 10 crystals or many low-cost minions to perhaps instead try and rush the enemy if they are not prepared. The crystals, as mentioned, recharge slowly, and if you spend it all too fast and the opponent has a counter to your play, you will be left defenseless and unable to spend your cards until your crystals accumulate again.

The game surprisingly boasts a large number of strategies. Because of this, you won't find yourself getting bored anytime soon.

Every type of soldier has a unique function and how you use them and mixing them up is incredibly satisfying.

There aren't any dominating or overpowered strategies in the game and everything has an appropriate counter. Put another way, everything option they give you is useful and can be played optimally in its own style.

My favorite unit thus far has to be the 'Black Knight'. He is incredibly durable and does a ton of damage. But, this card costs ten crystals to unleash on the battlefield, and if your enemy is hard on the offensive it can be quite difficult to use because there are three lanes that possibly need defending.

Castle Crush pvp battle Castle Crush blackKnight


Castle Crush has great graphics that emphasize clarity, which is important for any strategy game. It's very easy to understand what's going on and react fast to it, especially if the battlefield gets chaotic with too many things on the screen at once.

Every character is well designed and detailed with the right amount of textures and proper animations.

The sound effects are perfect and on cue with every action you take in the game.

The same can be said of the UI and presentation, it's all very professionally made and polished in every single aspect. There's nothing confusing nor any unnecessary elements added to it - and it looks great.

The main problem with the game is that you need to unlock most of the soldiers and spell cards. It's not all available at the start and not exactly free either.

You progressively unlock new cards (and upgrade them) by winning matches or through the store using micro-transactions. It's not too bad as you will unlock the majority of stuff from simply playing for free anyway. However, someone with deep pockets can unlock everything with max upgrades too, and while you won't often run into these players and might still even have a chance to beat them, they will have the competitive edge over you.

So there are some pay-to-win elements and grind if you don't plan on spending any money on the game but the free daily chests still provide a fair amount of rewards and it's really not too bad. When you get a chest, you just have to wait a certain amount of time before it can be opened.

There is also a clan system in the game. You can create your own or join existing groups of players. You can also trade and donate cards while in a clan and have friendly skirmishes with the other members. The ability to donate and share cards will greatly help to build up your collection fast.

Another main feature of the game is the leaderboard which is a necessity for competitive games. The ranking and progression system here is pretty deep and there are also seasons that feature many special rewards depending on how high you can rank up. It's fun and it should be considering the game is entirely built around it.

Rating: 8

Jab shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Jab

Castle Crush will satisfy players looking for a fairly balanced and fast PvP strategy mobile game. It's a mix of skill and slight pay-to-win, so if you don't take it too seriously you'll end up having a fun time.