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Catapult Quest



Android, Ios

Catapult Quest is a casual game about shooting monkeys into crates using a giant slingshot.

What for? Bananas of course.

Created by Mobrix, an app developer with quite a large catalog of game titles on the mobile store, the goal of Catapult Quest is to basically crash open all the crates in each level with a limited number of tries.

Having already published so many mobile games, you naturally wonder if Catapult Quest is one of their better or worse ones, so strap yourself in because that's something we're about to find out.


The very first thing that happens when starting Catapult Quest is a quick tutorial that explains the basics of gameplay (Which is fairly intuitive anyway).

If you played Angry Birds and such games you'll easily familiarize yourself with the controls and gameplay here because it's exactly the same thing as moving your finger to aim and then releasing to fire.

Monkeys love bananas as the cliché goes, and hidden in the crates are their favorite snacks.

You need to break open the crates by either blasting monkeys directly at it or against the supporting beams holding the crates up.

The crates are usually on a platform and so the beams can be targeted too, and as a result, the crates fall and break open.

The difficulty comes in accurately projecting where your monkeys will land after you fire them.

That being said, the game is not really hard but you still need to be careful because you only have a limited amount of monkeys and if you waste them all you lose the level.

The collisions and interactions of objects are all physics-based and generally react as you would expect.

The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, and that best describes the overall experience. You can be more or less efficient depending on how many tries you use to finish a level. While the early stages can be beaten by simply guessing and shooting wide, the latter stages require a more precise aiming skill.

So, Catapult Quest really rewards a wide range of different player performances. Anyone can pick it up and play but not everyone will be great at it and that's still fine too since the game is designed to be more fun than frustrating.

The best part is that the levels are not long in duration, and without any timer, you can comfortably play the game at your own pace.

Catapult Quest jungle with coconut drinks Catapult Quest achievement unlocked


Catapult Quest looks good from a graphical standpoint, and while it's only simple sprites and backgrounds, everything is delightful to look at and has a fair amount of detail in all the right places.

The jungle theme is convincing and the game as a whole feels very polished when you also factor in the music, sound effects, and user interface which all carry a premium level of quality.

Later on in the gameplay, you get to utilize different types of monkeys as you progress.

The new unlockable monkeys all have their own unique special ability that helps you break the crates in spectacular and creative ways, and this is what really gives the game that extra magic to not get boring or repetitive too quickly.

So, for example, one type of monkey can explode into three smaller ones while mid-air and that helps to knock the crates down much easier. And visually, the different abilities all look good and function distinctly from each other.

Completing levels rewards you with gold.

Gold can be used on cheat "powers" that assist you in completing a level if you get stuck. You do not earn a lot of gold per level, and while the powers are useful, they are also expensive in terms of gold cost so they should be used sparingly.

Alternatively, you can watch ads or buy gold with real money.

But the powers are very much optional and the game does not get impossibly hard to force you into using it.

There are hours of content in the game which includes things like a leaderboard, achievements, and a huge amount of levels. The ad frequency, however, can get annoying and ruin the overall experience at times.

Rating: 8

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Reviewed by Razer

Catapult Quest is a wacky mobile game for the entire family. It's challenging in a relaxed way, looks and plays adorable, and has plenty of content to keep you entertained.

Now for some reason, I really feel like having a banana sundae.