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Cats are Liquid


Last Quarter Studios Limited Partnership

Android, Ios

Cats are Liquid is a puzzle-platformer game that relies on minimalism to provide a relaxing yet challenging experience.

It has a unique concept that puts you in the shoes of a cat that can transform into liquid and must traverse through rooms full of traps and obstacles that have to be creatively avoided.

With 90 levels to play through and interesting physics-based gameplay, the mobile game sure seems to be one-of-a-kind.

So, does it deserve a spot on your mobile device? Let’s play and find out.


The gameplay starts off very straightforward, as you have to walk, slide, and jump your way through different obstacles and traps that come your way.

You are given on-screen buttons for movement and abilities, with no customization possible.

As you beat more levels, you begin unlocking new abilities that include things like flying and a deployable square box that allows you to press buttons that you normally can’t reach.

The game feels a bit easy at first, but it starts to become more challenging once the later levels introduce new types of traps and hazards to avoid. Some levels simply require basic platforming, while others are a bit more creative and require multiple abilities to be used in order to be completed.

The game is very entertaining to play and just when you think that things might begin to feel too similar to the previous levels, it introduces new concepts and hazards that mix up things just enough to make the experience feel fresh.

While the game is very minimal both visually and in terms of gameplay, the creativity of the developers manages to make it stand out as a unique game that you’d want to beat as soon as you begin playing it.

Cats are Liquid tells a short story that is a bit intriguing to follow and is relayed to the player through text scattered around different levels. It’s not particularly detailed or anything out-of-the-box, but it does make the completion of the game feel more fulfilling.

To make things even better, the game only features 8 ads in the entire adventure of 90 levels and there are no in-app purchases required either. So, there’s no reason for you to not play the game if you’re into the genre.

Cats are Liquid gameplay Cats are Liquid gameplay


Cats are Liquid is a visually minimal game.

It features simple graphics with almost no detail, so you will be seeing random shapes most of the time. It makes up for its lack of detail by adding attractive lighting and fluid animation to certain things, which makes it look decent enough.

The game can certainly use better graphics as they’re less of a gimmick and more of a shortcoming here, but it does not take away from the overall experience.

The UI is just as plain as everything else. It’s not a bad thing and the game’s interface does a decent job of showing everything when you need to see it.

The polish of the game is generally decent, but it can use better optimization as it can feel slightly slow at times. The frame drops aren’t bad but the lack of fluidity, even if very minor, should be fixed.

There are a couple of graphics-based options that allows you to disable certain animations and special effects, which can improve your performance if you really need it. It also acts as a preference manager since sometimes a player might not like seeing certain things or effects.

The sound design is pretty good. There are the usual minor sound effects that you’d expect to hear, and the background music has enough of a variation that allows it to avoid feeling repetitive.

Much like everything else, the music too is very simplistic – but it’s catchy enough to not warrant muting it.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Cats are Liquid is a good mobile game with several interesting concepts that makes it stand out amongst other games in the genre.

While it can use a few improvements, it’s ultimately an entertaining experience to kill some time without any annoying ads or in-app purchases.