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Android, Ios

Clash of Clans is a popular hit in the ever-expanding world of mobile games.

As a strategy and base-building game, it also provides players with a great platform to play with friends and find new ones.

Initially released on IOS in 2012 and later on Android in 2013, Clash of Clans was made by the well-known Finnish developer in the mobile games market, Supercell.

The game is free to play and brings a more complex version of a real-time strategy experience to players through its candy graphics and satisfying sound effects.

But just how fun and relevant is it still today? Let's find out.


Clash of Clans is a complicated experience when you first get into it and that's because you've probably never played a game like this before.

Players must build, develop, and upgrade their villages with various defensive buildings that you can buy in the in-game store.

The main goal of the game is to upgrade your town hall and buildings and then move to conquer other players' villages. To do this you need to build troops, attack other players’ villages to loot them, and defend your own town from other players’ attacks.

While this all seems super simple on paper, it is quite complicated because the game works in a sort of real-time strategy experience.

For example, it takes time to train champs and brew potions that you can use in an attack, so you might want to be online during the brewing unless you have a shield on.

A shield basically defends your base from other online players for a limited time and an active one degrades every time you initiate an attack on an enemy village.

And apart from that, buildings and other troop upgrades work in real-time where you might need to wait several real-life days before it completes.

Clash of Clans might seem like a time-consuming bad idea but that is supposedly the entire fun aspect of the game.

All the time you put into building and maintaining your account brings players a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction so they keep coming back for more. And judging by the loyal fanbase that the game has successfully maintained over the years, that certainly rings true in this case.

But you can always speed things up by the many microtransactions the game features. Purchasable gems can build and upgrade things faster and buy you more resources.

Clash of Clans gameplay Clash of Clans gameplay


The game presents decent visuals, although dated now, and it's paired with fun and goofy sound effects. The game doesn't take itself seriously and that's where some of the fun and appeal comes from.

The user interface takes time to get familiar with but the presentation is excellent and polished in every aspect. You'll find all the explanations to everything and easily be able to navigate through the game, but it just takes time to do so when you are still learning the game.

As the name suggests, 'Clash of Clans' allows players around the world to create clans. They can chat in-game and even share resources, making it an unconventional but great platform to find new friends and socialize.

Despite the game being almost 10 years old, the developers regularly update it with changes and new content. So the love is still there.

Not only that but there is an active online community of YouTubers making videos, content, and tutorials for the game on a consistent basis.

Last but not least, certainly not least, is the fact that this game has some of the most ridiculous grinding and waiting times for when it comes to upgrades and unlocking most things. You can spend money to speed these things up if don't like the chore of just waiting and doing nothing, but it's a pain, to put it mildly.

Rating: 7

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Reviewed by Fuzzy

Clash of Clans is still an excellent mobile game that has stood the test of time for strategy and base-building fans, and the number of strategies, comps, and layouts you can try out is truly vast.

But, it's also microtransaction heavy and grindy with its endless upgrades and time-gates, and that kills some of its fun aspects.