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Appxplore (iCandy)

Android, Ios

Crab War: Idle Swarm is your usual idle clicker mobile game but with a unique concept – you command an army of mutated crabs who must eliminate every single reptile that they can find in order to reclaim the surface world.

From a first impression, the game seems to have all the right elements that make an auto/idle clicker game fun, but is it still worth playing if you plan to invest more time into it?

Let’s answer that question.


The gameplay of Crab War is very simple and about exactly what you’d expect from the genre.

You tap the screen endlessly to spawn armies of crabs and they march onwards to attack the enemies on-screen.

You start off with only one type of crab and then proceed to level them up and also unlock many other types which come with different perks (such as automatic deployment and enhanced abilities).

As you keep playing, you get the ability to evolve your crab types into better versions of themselves and there are almost always multiple variations that you can select from.

You also unlock abilities later on which are assigned to your unlocked classes, and the general leveling up of your player account gives you new perks and unlockables too.

While Crab War is reasonably easy for the most part, it gets grindy later on and you will sometimes need to rely on the big guns – which are random butterflies that you can tap to have a surge of power on a given level, and you can also unlock gigantic crabs which immediately take out major threats in their way.

Crab War gameplay Crab War gameplay


The graphics of the game are very simple but not in a bad way, there’s a fair amount of detail in everything that you see and it does not get repetitive to look at, so you won’t have to worry about the visual aspect nor expect too much from it.

The UI is smooth and well done, and the entire game, in general, has good polish which means you won’t be running into any clunky mechanics.

The music of Crab War is decent and complements the relaxingly odd nature of the game, and most of the time you will just be hearing the splashes of the giant reptiles as you continuously kill them. It’s nothing special but it’s definitely one of the things that show the game’s polish as no sounds are missing or low quality.

The game most certainly gets grindy later on, but it does not cross into frustrating territory. There are ads here and there but they would only bother someone who plays for hours at a time, and you can pay a small fee per month to remove them (which is oddly different from most games that remove the ads permanently).

For the most part the ads are optional though and help you gain extra bonuses to avoid some of the grind which is very much average mobile game stuff.

Rating: 7

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Crab War: Idle Swarm is a mobile game with a fun spin on the idle clicker genre and is surprisingly fresh despite that market being overdone.

Its addicting gameplay will keep fans of the genre hooked for a long time as you help your crab army reclaim the surface world.