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Dadish 2


Thomas K Young

Android, Ios

Dadish 2 is a super-adorable retro platformer developed by Thomas K Young, the mobile game is the sequel to Dadish, which was a smashing hit on the Play Store.

The titular Dadish is a father of 50 or so cute little radishes, who make their way up to their dads’ workplace for an impromptu “Take your children to work” day.

Dadish, funnily enough, has no idea what he does for work, and malicious co-workers, hazardous traps, and perilous obstacles are just an average day for him.

Now, Dadish must go through different levels to find and rescue all 50+ of his children, and it's up to you to help him accomplish that.


The gameplay of Dadish 2, like most platform games, is very simple but in a fun way.

The controls on the left side of the screen allow you to move left and right while the button on the right side is for jumping, and pressing it twice, triggers a double jump.

To get through the levels you will need to avoid incoming saws and spikes, use platforms, solve puzzles, and grab keys to eventually get to and rescue one of the little radishes.

The game also features enemies that are based on different types of foods, ranging from mustard-firing bottles to raging donuts and exploding cans of soda. It's all fun and cute to look at but don't get too close to them, as doing so will kill you and cause the level to restart.

Dadish 2 gameplay Dadish 2 gameplay


Dadish 2 is a well-made platformer game thanks to its charming graphics and visuals. The color palette they used is one-of-a-kind, and it embodies the essence of the game perfectly.

The palette is a treat for the eyes and makes the different environments in the game come to life whether it be the office, the swamp, or even outer space.

The animations are the cherry on top of everything, and although simple, it has a very joyful feeling to it. The radish bouncing up and down, or the little animation you see at end of every level is adorable. Small details like this add greatly to the immersion factor of any game and it's nice to see it used decently here as well.

The soundtrack of Dadish 2 is very retro and playful, it really lifts your spirits and makes you want to bounce along with it.

The character designs are amazing and the amount of bosses and enemies this game has is ridiculously vast.

I loved the small touches to the game like when you reach the end of each level, you talk to your child, and they provide small talk and will tell you about how they ran in traffic, ask why there are donuts in the office, or even something random like capitalism. It’s a small but enjoyable feature and you look forward to it whenever the level ends.

Rating: 9

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Reviewed by Spike

Although you cannot go wrong with a simple platformer game, Dadish 2 goes above and beyond to make your gaming experience memorable.

The mobile game embodies the essence of a good old-school platformer but the only downside is that it's unfortunately short with only 50 levels.