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Day R Survival


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Day R Survival is a role-playing survival game that looks and plays similar to a text adventure.

The game begins with the protagonist waking up one day without any memories and now has to survive in a wasteland that has scarce supplies with danger lurking at every turn.


The gameplay of Day R Survival is split into three sections.

First of all, we have the story which is told through pieces of artwork and text. Sometimes the player has to interact with the story as they are presented with multiple choices in certain scenarios, and each of them leads to a slightly different outcome.

Second, there is the general gameplay which consists of traveling through different towns on a large map and looking for supplies and story-related objectives.

Aside from searching and looting, you have to make sure that you survive by keeping an eye on your hunger, energy, health, and thirst bars. You can cook and consume food for your hunger, drink dirty and filtered water for thirst, take medicine for your health, and your energy is regenerated through sleeping, pills, smoking, and a few other things.

How you handle the survival aspect of the game is up to you as some players go the extra mile and repair establishments, craft complex items, and make sure that they are always well-equipped. Whereas you can also be less careful and live impulsively, constantly running out of supplies and then finding them in the nick of time in a random town.

Lastly, the game has a battle mode where certain encounters against enemies are fought. It's a turn-based system in which both you and the enemies can move around, attack, and flee the fight. If you die in a fight, you either die for good or 'miraculously' survive, which is a mechanic called Lust for Life in the game.

Aside from the single-player mode which has three difficulty settings, the game has a Premium version and an Online mode.

The Premium version is the exact same game but players are allowed to do certain tasks faster to save time and receive bonus items and features, such as the ability to have a bird as their pet.

The Online mode plays the same as the single-player mode too but you can encounter other players in the same areas that you visit. You can talk to them and trade items, which makes surviving and tasks such as repairing structures throughout the map easier. However, it does contradict the game's storyline since it constantly reminds us that we're alone and all that's visible are dead bodies in most towns.

Although the game has in-app purchases to make things easier and the aforementioned Premium mode is full of bonuses too, I found the game to be fairly balanced in terms of difficulty. Supplies can be scarce, but you don't die immediately if you run out of them. By strategizing your exploration properly, you can find supplies just in time to fix your problems and survive another day.

Day R Survival is a very entertaining game if you're into role-playing games and don't mind playing a text adventure.

There is a lot of depth within the gameplay and it truly feels like you're surviving in a deserted wasteland since the game simulates the harsh nature of such an environment. But at the same time, it's not so realistic that it would begin to feel like a chore since it's still a video game meant to entertain you at the end of the day.

It's fun, long, and keeps you hooked as you explore towns and loot everything from houses to dead bodies just to stay alive and find out who you are.

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If you got excited about the graphics after reading survival and simulation in the same paragraph, take a step back.

The visual aspect of the game mainly just consists of artworks. Whether it's the towns that you visit, characters, enemies, items, or the cutscenes - everything is images of artwork.

There are no animations and everything is represented by either text or artwork. That being said, it's not half bad and doesn't take away the fun from the game even if it's not that high-quality.

The UI of the game is a bit rough around the edges. Things can be a little confusing to find and keep track of, and certain things could have used some explaining. It's not bad, but it feels like something you'd find in an old browser game.

The polish is good and I did not run into any technical issues. Although in the online mode, some of the buttons in the UI are slightly edged out of the screen.

The sound design of the game is very generic and you won't remember any of it as soon as you close the app. It's not repetitive though.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Day R Survival can be improved in many ways, but since it has a fair difficulty, offers dozens of hours' worth of content, and has multiple modes to try that help freshen the experience a bit - it's ultimately a pretty good experience.