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Death Park 2


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Unlike most other games that appeal to a broad audience, the horror genre is something that only interests a few people.

That's because horror, in general, doesn't appeal to everyone, and games based on it either end up being great or terrible - with no in-between.

Death Park 2 is a first-person shooter that says it's inspired by popular horror games like Silent Hill and Dead Space. Not only that, but it even uses Pennywise from the IT franchise in every piece of promotional material possible.

With such good inspiration in place, does it live up to the expectations?


Death Park 2 has standard first-person controls, with the left side of the screen controlling movement and the right side for shooting.

The gameplay mainly consists of walking around as most of the level design is about finding keys to progress to the next area.

The game is split into different levels and they are further separated by ‘real world’ and ‘dream world’ versions, which can be activated by touching floating red balloons.

There are multiple weapons that you can use and they are unlocked through progression. You are also given the option to unlock them early on by paying with real money as well.

Other notable purchases include a Pennywise skin for the main villain (which is also unlockable by beating Easy mode once) and an ad-free version. I recommend getting the ad-free version if it interests you because the ads are very persistent and long, which ruins the pacing.

The game claims to be similar to Dead Space but in my entire playthrough, I did not notice anything comparable.

It's more based on Silent Hill, as even the idea behind shuffling through the real and evil world is taken from that franchise.

The things that Death Park 2 does not take from Silent Hill are just ideas taken from the IT movies, such as the clown himself, the abduction of children, floating balloons, and the chase sequences.

While the game is not boring to play, unfortunately, it fails to provide any intensity or scares because of its generic design. The enemies are random creatures and can be killed easily with guns and melee attacks. The Pennywise chase sequences are easy to walk out of and sometimes the AI accidentally ignores you when you’re dangerously close.

Most of the time you will simply be unlocking new doors and visiting whatever areas come next, and the puzzles are very simple even on hard mode.

The game only lasts an hour if you know what you’re doing and despite offering multiple endings, there is very little replayability since the game plays almost entirely the same on each route.

The ending, without spoiling anything, is abrupt and skips an entire battle that the second last cutscene implies would happen – which is odd and anticlimactic.

Death Park 2 gameplay Death Park 2 gameplay


The graphics are okay, some of the models have high detail but everything else appears too simple. The locations and their textures feel like an early PS2 game and are quite low even by mobile game standards.

There is no creativity in the visual design either as most of it is ripped off from Silent Hill and IT and just features isolated urban environments.

The UI is pretty straightforward and not at all confusing but the barrage of ads and constant requests to review the game can get tedious. The buttons also feel quite low-res and there are often clipping issues within their transparency.

I did not run into any technical issues while playing, so the polish is good, but it certainly does not feel very professional.

The sound design is basic but does a good job of matching the atmosphere. A lot of it is repeated and you barely notice it most of the time.

Rating: 6

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Death Park 2 does not bring anything new to the table and most of its ideas have already been executed better by others.

If you’re bored and don’t mind playing something unoriginal – then you will have an enjoyable hour with this game. But, in every other situation, you’re better off playing something that has more creativity.