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Android, Ios

UFC is the largest MMA promotion company in the world and has seen some of the largest names in the business tied to their brand, such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, and more.

When a sport that revolves around fighting exists on such a massive scale, it’s only a matter of time that someone develops a video game for it – and it’s no surprise that it happens to be EA Sports in this case.

The game features over 70 fighters with proper real-world likenesses, multiple game modes, and lots of microtransactions.

So, is it worth your time or are you better off just watching UFC on TV? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of UFC is very straightforward.

You attack your opponent by tapping and swiping on the screen, and blocking is done in the same way too. 'Ability’ cards are unlocked by attacking and defending.

Once an ability card is unlocked, using it will hit the opponent for more damage than usual.

You and your opponent can randomly get a touch-down card through which you push the other fighter to the ground if it's timed right. Then, you can proceed to hit each other or use a choke-hold card that quickly takes away the opponent's health.

Aside from the main matches in the career mode, you can do a pointless quick fight, or partake in the live event and “head to head” game modes. All of these modes play exactly the same and the live events are not available half the time anyway since they’re mainly meant for promotional purposes.

The gameplay is not at all fun and is just mashing buttons to win. At first, the game is hilariously easy and then it becomes unreasonably difficult later due to needing the right loot or paying for microtransactions. Skill is not rewarded nor required and every fight is won solely based on whether you had higher stats than the AI-controlled opponent or not.

Even if you’re willing to overlook how uninspired every fight is, the game is pretty clunky and you miss half the attacks because of how awkward the movements are.

It’s just not a fun game and you’ll see little reason to give it your time or money.

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay Call of Duty Mobile gameplay


The graphics of the game are decent but not on par with other high-budget mobile games that you can find these days.

The character models lack high-quality detail and don’t do their real-life counterparts any justice.

Sometimes the characters have weird animations too, such as Alexander Gustafsson’s mouth appearing particularly weird every time he flaunts it after a victory.

The rest of the graphics aren’t special either, as environments are very bland and the audience in the background has low-quality sprites.

The UI of the game, while not terrible, isn’t good either. It feels very barebones and clunky, which is something that you’d expect to see in the early days of smartphone gaming or from an inexperienced developer.

The polish is terrible, as it is quite the challenge to just get the game to run. It downloads assets very slowly and once it does, 6 out of 10 times it will refuse to connect to EA’s servers. I tried to troubleshoot my internet just to make sure that I don’t judge the game based on a problem on my own end, but every other application ran perfectly fine.

The optimization is not ideal either, as the UI of the game feels slow to navigate and the gameplay itself does not feel fluid as mentioned above. Something that might be more of a nitpick is that the game forces you to log in with your Facebook account if you wish to save your progress or add friends, as otherwise you only get a temporary guest account that cannot be carried over.

The game has a very repetitive sound design that gets tedious to listen to as soon as you hear the extremely short loop while the game downloads the files that it needs to run. Not much changes in the other parts of the game either, as it all sounds like it’s left-over music from a bad 2006 racing game.

The sound effects are fine, but they don’t add much to such a bland game.

Rating: 4

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

EA SPORTS UFC® is a very bland game with nothing to offer.

Unlike some other games that exist solely for brand promotions and to sell microtransactions, this game is not fun even if you’re willing to grind for hours to get the best things since the core gameplay itself is clunky and repetitive.