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Ivan Panasenko

Android, Ios

Your spaceship, The Endurance, has been hit by a deadly alien virus that is slowly infecting and turning crewmates into zombie-like creatures.

During your expedition, you will discover the truth of what lies behind the cause of the outbreak and fight against your former crew, colleagues, and friends, who all now want you dead.

Endurance is the prequel to Ailment, one of the most downloaded pixel art mobile action games of 2019.

The story revolves around the main character who after being in a comatose state for three days wakes up to see everyone infected by the same virus. He must figure out the mystery of what happened to him before it's too late.


When you first start the game, you get to choose between three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard.

After that, you’ll pick a scientist-looking character you want to play as, each one having varying stats to start with. You don’t need to worry about picking the wrong character because the differences are not really significant and you can upgrade your stats later on in the game.

Movement is controlled by pressing any direction on the left side of the screen and to shoot you tap on the right side. It's simple but perhaps not the smoothest movement and combat we've playtested.

Not long after you start playing, you are almost immediately swarmed by infected crewmates that want to end you, and you only have your fists for protection.

But, thankfully, you get a gun very early on in the game which makes things a lot more manageable.

Each level is fairly large and consists of multiple rooms and zones that you will have to work your way through. You have to scour the environment to find computer terminals that unlock restricted areas to progress, and along the way, you will also find items and credits in lockers. Credits can be spent on new guns and healing yourself.

The mini-map which is always visible at the top left is extremely important and will help you navigate the maze-like spaceship.

Apart from infected crewmates, you will come across various traps, killer robots, and powerful enemies with hefty life-bars. There's certainly a lot of variety to the enemies and ways in which you need to approach them.

And if you want to take a break from the story mode (which is pretty good), you can opt to play a quick match game, and it's basically how long can you survive in a single room against incoming hordes of enemies. The top score you get is matched against other players on the leaderboard.

Endurance gameplay Endurance gameplay


The stylistic choices of graphics are very fitting to the genre of this game. It can best be described as an indie pixel-art game that is paired up with a sci-fi atmosphere and has an old-school retro vibe to it.

Each level of the game looks very similar, though, mostly composed of dark and dull colors that go well with the horror ambiance.

The user interface is very minimal but professional and to the point. The game is not annoying with ads either, as it only plays when you complete a level or need a revive (but sometimes it's also thrown in at random times). You have the option of buying the game and this removes ads altogether.

In terms of the soundtrack, the game mostly has eerie ambient noises and this creates a persistent and looming sense of danger.

When the action starts to build up, however, things quickly start sounding more frantic.

What also stood out for me were the dialogues which are actually of a higher quality compared to many other mobile games. The chats are filled with sci-fi references and the story buildup is decent. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of Alien and Prometheus.

Rating: 8

Pearl the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Pearl

Endurance follows up and expands on the success of its predecessor, Ailment, by nailing down a dark sci-fi dungeon experience in full pixel-art glory with a captivating story to boot.