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Android, Ios

If you’re a fan of the classic action RPGs such as Diablo, where you embark on quests with multiple classes to choose from, waves of unique enemies to kill, and the ability to level up everything from your skills to your weaponry – you must have tried many different mobile games trying to scratch that very specific itch.

Eternium’s store page makes quite a lot of claims, such as saying it’s a "fun RPG that perfectly translates the classic RPG experience" and is made by "passionate fans of the genre not people looking for money".

So is Eternium really as much of an authentic experience as it claims to be? Let's find out.


As soon as you load into Eternium, it lets you pick one of three classes, your gender, and a name to go along with your account.

Then after a bit of loading, you can enter the game right away and will be tasked with learning the controls and killing some enemies in the first few minutes.

You will notice that there are no customization options to start with, but there’s a good reason for that which I’ll explain further in the review.

The gameplay is the most important thing here, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a mobile RPG to date.

The controls are extremely fluid, killing enemies and bosses is very fun, and the game requires a bit of strategy too as mindlessly pressing buttons won’t do the job alone.

The customization is not immediately available, but as you do more quests and level up, you’ll see that there are many cosmetic items to be found that both change your appearance and character attributes, and some even make the face seem a bit different. It makes up for the lack of conventional character customization and for a free mobile game with such a small size, it’s forgivable.

Eternium select your own class view bounty hunter class Eternium mage shoot lightning enemy burst into flames


The graphics feel a bit dated but since Eternium tries its best to channel old RPG games, I’d say they’re pretty good. It takes you right back into those old days of gaming but has enough flashiness to survive in 2021 as well.

The character models are detailed and so is every piece of the environment no matter where you go in the game.

The soundtrack of Eternium is particularly great, it’s the first time in ages that I’ve heard memorable tunes in a mobile RPG game as most take the generic route. But Eternium actually put effort into the sound department and it really shows in the music, even in the loading screens and main theme.

The sound effects in-game are pretty good too, but unfortunately, they take some time to be downloaded in the background due to the game’s somewhat inconsistent servers. So, your first hour or so might be with a few missing sounds here and there. But when it’s all in place, it’s really fun to listen to and of good quality.

The UI and presentation of the game are top-notch and really feels like something of AAA scale you could have been playing on your computer some years back. Everything is self-explanatory and polished, and the game always makes you feel like something great is coming.

There’s also a storyline with decent artwork that plays every now and then, but it’s not that present in general so it kind of ends up more on the presentation side than actual cut-scenes.

Eternium even has real-time multiplayer so you can get a bit of that MMO fix too, and since the game already follows the structure of classic MMORPGs such as GuildWars and a bit of World of Warcraft, you’ll feel like experiencing an old online computer game that still has a living community.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

You can truly feel the passion poured into this mobile game as you can do almost everything without paying and they even removed ads from it as they felt it interrupted the gameplay.

Eternium is an amazing action RPG game and the only thing they can improve is the servers, which perhaps will be done in time. Did I mention the majority of the game can be played offline?