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Fin Ancient Mystery


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

The Platform genre never gets old and every developer has room to create something that features the gameplay we all know and love but with their unique touch to it.

Fin & Ancient Mystery is an adventure that tries to integrate every successful thing from the genre and provide something fresh that would attract all types of gamers.

So, where does Fin & Ancient Mystery end up on this scale? Let’s analyze and figure it out.


The gameplay of Fin & Ancient Mystery is extremely straightforward.

You have jump and movement buttons, a button for a sword attack, and a button for a magic attack.

Occasionally, you get a button to interact with chests and levers, which vanishes as soon as you step away from the objects.

There’s not much to the gameplay besides these basic details and the fact that you can double jump as well.

The level design and enemies are very basic, you just find levers to activate random doors and push some rocks over buttons, very standard stuff for a game of this type.

Of course, a game like Swordigo (which this game very clearly tries to be) can be very compelling despite the simple gameplay because it integrates a few RPG elements seamlessly within its platformer gameplay.

But that’s not the case with Fin & Ancient Mystery due to one big reason.

Unlike Swordigo, this game is not made by a group of people who understand what makes an action platformer fun – it seems to be made by a group of developers who wanted to create an action platformer and came up with the ideas afterward.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with creating a video game for the sake of creating a video game – but it often translates poorly into the creative aspect of the game and that’s an issue present here.

The gameplay just feels unnaturally rushed and tries to throw every single thing at you within the first 3 minutes and everything after is simply an endless repeat of that.

A platformer needs creativity, and if you don’t have a passion for the project and simply throw whatever is popular in one package, it does not end up being very fun and just falls into the ‘time pass’ category.

fin ancient mystery gameplay fin ancient mystery gameplay


The graphics are pretty decent and the game has voice-acted cutscenes that explain the story.

It’s all fun to look at if you ignore the occasional aesthetic repetition.

However, the polish of the game suffers immensely because it seems that the script and localization team were not on the same page.

A lot of the dialogue is different between what the characters are saying in the voice acting and what is written on the subtitles – it's hard to tell which one is supposed to be the real thing.

The cutscenes also add up to why the game feels very rushed, because the locations it shows are incredibly different from what the game throws you in right after, so you just can’t help but see it as a last-second gimmick in an attempt to make the game look bigger.

The UI is good and self-explanatory, and the sound effects are okay.

The music isn’t bad at all but is poorly looped and you run into awkward silences once it plays out – then it starts over and makes you wonder why it wasn’t perfectly looped, to begin with.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Fin & Ancient Mystery is somewhat of an uninspired game that just tries very hard to be Swordigo – but ends up showing its own lack of creativity.

If you have already finished all the better games out there, you might enjoy this as it’s not unplayable by any means.