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Flip Diving


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Flip Diving is a straightforward game with a single objective: dive off of cliffs and score as many stunt points as possible. It’s as simple as it sounds and there are no extra activities in the game.

However, the game has variety in the ways you can flip, the characters you play, and the different areas and environments.

But it’s still just endlessly jumping off a cliff at the end of the day.

So, is that good enough for you to play for more than a day or does it fall into repetition? Let’s dive in and find out.


As the name implies, your goal is to jump off different heights and make sure that you land properly in the water while pulling off cool stunts.

Falling on your belly or back causes you to lose, and so does hitting anything on your way down unless it’s a brief touch that does not disrupt your flow.

As you play the game for a while, you begin to unlock different types of flips that have minor differences in how you fall, and also new locations to jump off of such as a tree instead of a cliff, or a hot-air balloon. There are power-ups as well that do things such as slowing down time for a few seconds.

The game has a split-screen multiplayer mode that can be played on the same mobile phone. It’s not the ideal way to play the game, but if you really had to kill some time with a kid, then it’s not the worst thing to do.

Flip Diving does not have much to offer but if you’re into video games where you can challenge your friends to beat your highscore, then you’ll have a few hours of fun with it.

The ragdoll physics are good and not as awkward as you’d expect them to be, but still makes small things like accidentally hitting your head on the cliff pretty funny.

flip diving gameplay flip diving gameplay


The graphics of Flip Diving are pretty good.

The characters look lively and the animation is fluid, while the environments are fairly detailed too.

It’s a refreshing game to look at, it has bright colors but nothing unrealistic, which is the perfect combo for what Flip Diving is supposed to be.

The UI is great. It blends in perfectly with the vibe of the game and feels like it’s made by someone experienced as it’s straight to the point and has no rough edges.

The polish is fine as I did not experience any issues and it runs smoothly.

I especially love how the loot boxes are disguised as eggs that you get out of a machine, which reminds me of the times I used to go to playlands for prizes. These little details make the game stand out as it feels like something that is confident in itself and isn’t afraid to have some fun.

The tunes are catchy and they stop playing when they should instead of being permanently looped.

The sound effects are also high-quality and it’s fun to land in the water, hit a rock, or even just unlock new eggs from the loot box machine. The sounds of the game truly elevate the overall experience and the announcer’s voice acting deserves some praise too.

Rating: 7

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Reviewed by Spike

Flip Diving is not something that you will be playing for dozens of hours, but that’s not a forced requirement that makes a game worth playing.

Sometimes, a few good hours of fun are all that you need and Flip Diving has enough to offer that will keep you busy for that long.