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Forgotton Anne


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Android, Ios

The one thing that people across every age, country, and culture can relate to is that we have all placed an object in a simple location within our house, and then it disappeared forever without any explanation.

If you ever wondered what happened to those objects, this game is here to answer that question.

Forgotten Anne is a story-driven adventure game that looks, feels, and plays like an anime. It takes place in a world where forgotten objects are teleported away – which seemingly includes the protagonist Anne too.

The gameplay consists of platforming, solving puzzles, and many choices that lead to different story outcomes.

With such a compelling premise and presentation, it easily catches the attention of anyone who likes to play cinematic games.


Forgotton Anne is a cinematic experience that seamlessly transitions in and out of animated cutscenes, which are high-quality enough to remind you of Studio Ghibli.

At its core, the game is essentially a puzzle platformer.

You have to explore every environment that you’re in and perform tasks such as activating levers, rerouting energy, solving simple puzzles, and more.

Anne also has a few tricks up her sleeve that separate her from a generic human protagonist.

She has the ability to absorb and release Anima energy, which is a source of power within the game’s fictional city that every machine runs on. She also has mechanical wings that allow her to jump very high and avoid fall damage by gliding right before impact.

The player is often presented with choices in both the gameplay and cutscenes. Some have no consequences and simply make Anne sound rude or kind, based on the player’s preferences.

However, other choices deal with the life and death of certain characters and this has a long-lasting impact on the overall storyline. The game has multiple endings too – which makes it very rewarding to replay it if you feel like seeing all of the different outcomes that you can get.

The platforming parts of the game can be compared to the classic Prince of Persia games, as they have similar jumping and climbing animations. Jumping with the purpose of climbing platforms is a bit slow and sometimes feels clunky, while sprinting and jumping are easy to mess up too.

It’s easy to get used to these controls once you’ve played the game for a while – but it’s still something that could’ve felt a bit smoother. It does not take away from the experience though and is just a very minor hiccup in a game that otherwise flows seamlessly.

Whether you’re jumping platform to platform, solving small puzzles, deciding the fate of certain characters, or just exploring the environment and finding all the hidden details – the game never feels stale and always keeps the player on the edge of their seats.

There is also a very engaging storyline that is filled with interesting characters, a compelling world, and several twists throughout that make Anne question her black and white view of the world.

Although the story premise starts out simple, the game has a very mature and heartfelt narrative.

Forgotten anne gameplay Forgotten anne gameplay


The graphics are gorgeous.

Whether you’re watching the cutscenes or playing the game, the animation is high-quality and filled with detail that makes every character and environment come to life.

I was blown away by how beautiful and smooth the game’s visual design is and forgot that I’m playing a video game and not watching a movie.

Even after spending an hour with the game, I couldn’t get over how seamless the experience felt, and seeing Anne respond to my inputs felt very satisfying because of how good the game looks at every moment.

The UI is well-made and has a lot of options to choose from that help you customize the experience a bit to your liking. Everything is easy to find and the interface does not take up too much of the screen, which does wonders for immersion.

The polish of the game is excellent and I did not run into any issues at all. On top of that, the game comes with multiple graphics settings. The lowest setting still looks amazing and does not become blurry like some other games at low settings do, such as Sky: Children of the Light and Roblox. However, I can't recommend the game for low-end devices as the drop in performance is noticeable.

The sound design is just as beautiful as the rest of the game.

The voice acting is spectacular and makes you forget that you’re playing a mobile game, and the sound effects are all satisfying to listen to as well.

As for the background score, it makes some of the best moments in the game feel even better.

Rating: 9

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Reviewed by Spike

Forgotton Anne is a beautiful cinematic game that will take you through a heartwarming journey that is filled with emotions, remarkable writing, and twists that will keep you excited for whatever comes next.