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Godzilla Defense Force


NEXON Company

Android, Ios

Godzilla is originally a Japanese character but there is hardly any country on the planet that is not familiar with it.

Thanks to many localized projects and even individual movies created in the west to accompany the gigantic franchise, it’s a name that every child and adult immediately recognizes irrespective of whether they are a fan or not.

With a franchise so profitable, it was inevitable to have licensed video games based on it and that’s what brings us to Godzilla Defense Force.

The game features a very long list of Kaiju (beasts in Japanese) that you have to defend against and it also lets you collect cards with their names, pictures, and information.

So, does the mobile game have any heart or is it just a cash grab? Let’s analyze it and find out.


Godzilla Defense Force plays like a very basic tower-defense game but without any of the strategy.

All you can do is tap the screen endlessly at a good speed so that you can keep deploying more and more soldiers to fight the on-coming threats while earning money which you can use to upgrade your bases.

The gameplay in the starting phases is pretty easy as long as you keep upgrading your towers, and every time you beat a boss you are given a card that you can use both for collection purposes (if you’re into that type of thing) and as a special attack move.

While the simpler cards just boost certain things like your attacking stats, the rare ones temporarily drop in Kaiju that will fight for your team, and if you time it right, it may even be the cool finisher you wanted to see instead of an in-and-out beat down.

But unfortunately, the game makes the same mistake that most Godzilla-related media on the non-Japanese side of the world does, and that is not giving you the ability to fight as or against the king of the monsters yourself.

Instead, you’re stuck with nameless and expendable soldiers that keep dying every split second and your only personality on-screen are the Kaiju who are your enemies and lifeless supporting characters who act like a tutorial.

Godzilla Defense Force gameplay Godzilla Defense Force gameplay


The graphics of Godzilla Defense Force are very simple and there’s some decent 2D artwork to represent all of the monsters and their powers.

The UI is good enough and somewhat polished but ends up looking like something you’d see in a Facebook game.

The cards are a mix of random artwork from existing Godzilla sources instead of unique new visuals created for the game, and a lot of the lower-level cards have actual real-life images straight from the Japanese movies.

There’s nothing negative about the graphics, UI, or polish of the game – but there’s nothing good to say either.

The sound design is pretty simple and has the usual generic background music that you’d expect from a game that focuses on putting things together instead of providing something new or with heart.

Rating: 6

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Godzilla Defense Force tries to be a fun and appealing mobile game, but unfortunately, it is not much more than a very playable cash grab that wishes to use an oversaturated genre with enough licensed content to keep the fans busy.