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Golf King World Tour


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

This isn’t the first time that RisingWings has developed a sports game.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that this isn’t the first time they made a game about golf either.

However, Golf King – World Tour is their first and only attempt at making a realistic golf game, as their previous projects have been more on the minimal side.

The game offers very simple controls and primarily focuses on real-time PvP matches that are played in casual and tournament-based modes.

With lots of customization, different golf courses, and the usual things like clans – Golf King seems to be a good addition to the genre. So, how true is that impression? Let’s take a look and find out.


The gameplay of Golf King is extremely simplified for a game that claims to be realistic.

You have to swipe backward when it’s your turn to hit the ball and it’s almost completely up to the game as to where the ball lands since the player is given such little control over the angle and speed.

Everything is incredibly automated and the game uses this against you with pay-to-win mechanics, as sometimes you’ll have a long streak of victories, and at other times you’ll keep losing unless you purchase and upgrade your golf clubs.

The game claims to have a lot of customization, but it is only cosmetics and the endless barrage of alternative golf clubs and equipment that you can unlock. There’s no difference in gameplay whatsoever between any of those things, and whether you’re playing casual PvP or the competitive modes, you hardly feel anything different.

The matches are uninteresting because the game does not incorporate any of the rules that exist in the sport. You don’t get a penalty for any mistakes or for shooting the ball in rough edges, and you hardly get to know anything about the wind or even be able to alter the angles of how you strike the ball.

These are things that can be found even in golf games from the NES days, so it’s surprising to see a developer miss the mark so badly.

Golf King is a very mediocre game in the gameplay department and solely relies on fooling people into spending real-world money while the game controls every single shot that you make. It gets boring fast and loses meaning since it would rely too much on RNG even in matches played against friends.

golf king world tour gameplay golf king world tour gameplay


The graphics of the game lack deeper detail in textures, but it looks decent from a general perspective.

The golf courses are populated with the usual things you’d expect to see, like different types of terrain, trees, and so on. The farther parts of the map cannot be seen that well within the gameplay, but you usually get a good overview when the match begins and there are buildings and boats to be seen.

The animations are a bit awkward sometimes, but these things wouldn’t be as distracting if the gameplay was good. But since it isn’t, it becomes another thing to criticize.

The UI of the game is very, very slow. The load times are ridiculously long and the game disconnects from the internet at random times and forces you to see the load times again. Aside from the optimzation, the management of the interface is also poor and feels oversaturated even though the game does not have that many things in it.

The polish is also bad, as the game does not feel as smooth as it should and eats up battery pretty fast. There are a bunch of other small annoyances, such as the ‘cancel’ button to casual matchmaking never working no matter how quickly you press it.

The game is also unfairly balanced and you often get matched up with people on a far higher level.

The sound design of the game is very generic and you won’t be remembering anything you hear in it. The music is repetitive and the sound effects are very basic too.

Rating: 4

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Golf King – World Tour is a great example of a developer making something not because they understand it or have a passion for it, but just because they want to have a certain type of game released in the market. It’s very mediocre and automated to a point that you’re like a passenger in a cab rather than someone driving the vehicle.

You might be able to enjoy the PvP for a short while if you don’t mind the fact that the game is oversimplified, but it won’t be long before the game starts forcing you to lose so that you spend real-world money.