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Good Pizza, Great Pizza



Android, Ios

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – cooking is everywhere and there are at the very least tons of games about cooking on the mobile store.

That makes it hard for developers to create something fresh as most ideas in the genre have already been done, and so most mobile games just try to do small details better than each other to earn a spot on the top lists.

However, sometimes a developer has a unique vision – and that’s how I’d describe TapBlaze.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza combines a cute art-style with fun gameplay and just the right amount of humor – and that creates an interesting game that quickly catches your attention.


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is very straightforward but in a great way.

Unlike most free-to-play mobile games which purposefully get increasingly difficult early on, this game has a balanced pace that lets you take things easy and manage one customer at a time.

The formula does not get stale because the toppings and number of pizzas a single person can ask for keeps increasing, and they also ask for very specific ways they want their pizza made which can be just as challenging as other cooking games that instead have you managing multiple customers at once.

The majority of the things regarding the cooking factor are realistic, which makes sense as the store description claims it is designed by someone with four years of kitchen experience regarding pizza.

There is some customization through which you can get different items to place around your shop and also change the look of tables, your counter, and even your pizza boxes.

That aspect of the game, however, is a bit on the grindy side as everything costs quite a bit, but the game is so addictive that you might not even notice how far you’ve played and how much money you’ve already made for those things.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza adding cheese to the base Good Pizza, Great Pizza customer ordering


The graphics of Good Pizza, Great Pizza are completely 2D and rather minimalistic, but it’s not at all a bad thing because the art-style has a specific relaxing aesthetic that works out well for the game.

The UI is great and easy to navigate, and there are no rough edges to it.

You can tell that everything in the game has been polished very well and the vision is implemented perfectly.

The only small nitpick I have with the game is that the cooked pizzas don’t look very cooked, even if you run them through the oven twice – but it’s not really a big deal and a slight difference is visible when compared to the preparing phase. It just doesn’t look like the cheese actually cooked properly.

The sound design of the game is decent and none of the sounds are missing.

Tunes are not that varied unfortunately so you might get slightly bored of listening to the same thing on repeat and there are a few loop issues here and there too.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a nearly perfect cooking game with non-greedy gameplay and a very laid-back approach to its atmosphere that prioritizes your fun over baiting cash out of you.

It’s humorous, relaxing, and sometimes it’s even heartwarming.