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Guardian Tales


Kakao Games Corp

Android, Ios

Guardian Tales takes inspiration from JRPGs and classic adventure games like The Legend of Zelda.

It’s filled with hundreds of story quests, side missions, and a long list of game modes.

Since it’s an RPG at heart, things such as gear, loot, party members, guilds, and dungeons are all present too – which makes it easily stand out in the mobile marketplace.

But you can’t truly trust a game’s presentation alone and have to play it to know if the glitter leads to gold. So, is Guardian Tales worth it? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Guardian Tales is all about action and exploration, as you’ll be doing a bit of both in most quests.

The combat is in real-time and every weapon has a normal attack and a special attack with a cooldown.

There are many kinds of weapons such as swords, bows, handguns, machine guns, and more and all of the weapons feel different from each other since they have separate ways of attacking and you’ll hardly see any similarities in the special moves either.

Speaking of variety, this is evident in every part of the game as even the enemies and bosses that you fight are constantly changing and many of them have unique attack patterns that you will have to figure out.

The exploration part of the game is equally varied, as there are several short puzzles scattered throughout every level that includes both mandatory and optional things to do. The optional ones can lead to extra treasure or a side quest.

The story is no masterpiece, but it’s pretty decent and takes inspiration from classic JRPGs. You will often see some humor here and there, as well as easter eggs that are direct nods to other games we all know and love in the genre.

Aside from that, you can participate in guilds, dungeons, raid challenges, and also fight off other players in PvP battles which range from 4v4 and 1v1 battles based on what the player picks.

While the majority of the game’s fun is in the single-player modes, teaming up with your friends for co-op or facing off against them is a good way to keep things refreshing.

Lastly, the game has a lot of customization. There are even choices within the gameplay itself which determine whether you’re a heroic knight or a bit on the malicious side.

All of the game’s features and mechanics are crafted beautifully, as it’s very entertaining to play and fairly balanced in every aspect despite being a free-to-play game.

Whether it’s the combat, the puzzle pieces, the story segments, or the challenges – you will be thoroughly engaged and find it hard to stop your session because the game is very addictive.

There are even a few extra touches that you don’t usually see in games of this type, such as the ability to launch enemies and then attack them while they’re airborne with some specific weapons.

Women character in Vampires Fall Origins Rpg attacking wolf with sword Hooded brotherhood in Vampires Fall Origins Rpg standing near campfire


The graphics of Guardian Tales are gorgeous.

It has a perfect mix of bright and dark colors which do a great job of showing both sides of the world while maintaining the light-hearted JRPG aesthetics that you’d expect to see.

The animation is very fluid and everything in the game is very detailed, whether it’s the character models, the environment, or the special effects.

It’s easily one of the best-looking games with 2D aesthetics that you’ll find, and it greatly contributes to the overall entertainment value.

The UI of the game is excellent and that is commendable when you look at how many different things the game offers. Coherently presenting everything in a way that both looks great and is easy to explore is not easy, but Guardian Tales manages to get it right.

The polish is good and I did not run into any issues at first. But in the last level of World 1, the game started to drop a few frames because of how many things were on-screen which included constant special effects. It wasn’t anything that would break the immersion and I did not run into any other hiccups – so the game is optimized decently enough.

The music of Guardian Tales is very fun to listen to. It’s not exactly memorable, but it’s the next best thing as it keeps changing throughout the game and is very catchy.

The sound effects are high-quality too, as there’s a bit of voice acting for certain things in the game and everything that you see has a sound assigned to it, which is pleasant to hear.

Rating: 9

Spike review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Guardian Tales is a great game for fans of classic JRPG games, and it will also appeal to newcomers thanks to its beginner-friendly learning curve.

It can use some minor improvements such as shorter load times, fewer frame-drops, and the ability to swap weapons without having to quit to the lobby. However, these changes would simply improve an already excellent adventure, it does not need them to be a good game.

With how entertaining the game is and how much content it offers, you won’t be escaping the kingdom of Kanterbury anytime soon.