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Android, Ios

When it comes to looking for mobile games within a specific genre, it’s noticeable right away how most of them appear very similar to each other. It takes time to find something that tries to be different.

Hello Yogurt is a 2D endless-runner at its core and a bit of a simple one too at that.

However, it has a scientific premise that hasn’t been done before and innovatively implements it within the gameplay in a way that it all feels as fresh as possible.

So, does the creativity alone make it good enough to try out? Let's answer that.


The gameplay of Hello Yogurt is very straightforward.

You play as a little lactobacillus who has to go through many different levels that are loosely based on the human body.

The game can best be described as an endless-runner and most of the time you will be hopping off of platformers, one at a time.

The only thing that you can control is the ability to jump, which is initiated by tapping onto the screen.

The point of the gameplay is to keep an eye on any potential gaps and traps that are coming your way, and you have to tap exactly when the time is right in order to survive.

Your health automatically decays as you go forward and getting hit by a platform or trap decreases it significantly, while falling down gaps kills you immediately.

Once you die, you can either use a revival card, pay in-game money, or watch an ad. In every case, you can only be revived once and get 50% of your health back – which is usually enough to complete the level.

What adds a little bit of extra depth to the gameplay is the fact that you can unlock many different evolutions to the playable characters and level them up for better stats. It becomes very important to do this when the game gets more difficult later on because the traps become more relentless and there are extra things such as low-gravity sections in stages.

So, you won’t be able to complete the levels unless you are constantly upgrading and that adds a bit of a grinding aspect to the game.

Even though the game gives you an awful lot of in-game money to upgrade your characters – I also found that you can’t really beat some of the later levels without using revives, and of course, the ads are the easiest way to do that.

But the developers respect the people playing the game and it has something that I’ve never seen in a game before. And that is the fact when you use an ad to revive, it does not play the ad immediately.

Instead, the ad plays after you die again and that allows the gameplay to be seamless. It’s the least greedy game that I’ve come across in this genre and the sheer respect the developers have for their players is amazing.

The game is very entertaining overall and has many unique levels to unlock, which should keep you busy for a while.

The beginning of the game is extremely relaxing, and it forces you to focus more when the levels become harder since timing the jumps perfectly is crucial. But even in its intensity, it remains something that you play for fun rather than something competitive.

Hello Yogurt gameplay Hello Yogurt gameplay


The graphics and art style of Hello Yogurt is gorgeous, with every sprite and animation perfectly made.

There are a few storyboards that add some nice lore to the game and I absolutely adore the fact that the different parts of the body in which you travel all look very unique compared to each other.

It avoids aesthetic repetition in the best ways and is one of the best 2D games that I’ve seen in terms of visuals.

The UI is excellent, the polish is great, and I love its presentation.

Everything feels lively and comprehensive and the game presents its different menus to you in very creative ways. And you also learn a few new things about the science of yogurt every once in a while.

The soundtrack is good but has a feel that I can only describe as ‘royalty-free music’. It’s not exactly a bad thing but it just does not add to the game’s experience.

The sound effects are neat, though. There’s a fun little sound for everything and I love listening to it as I’m jumping from platform to platform.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Hello Yogurt is an excellent mobile runner game that has a unique presentation you won’t find anywhere else, and its consumer-friendly structure will keep you hooked for dozens of hours.