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Android, Ios

Ice hockey is not a sport that you see adapted into video games as often as something like football or racing.

Thanks to a decent track record of sports games by the developer Distinctive Games, Hockey All-Stars gives off a very good first impression as it allows you to create custom teams, train them, and play realistic matches against AI-controlled opponents.

With good graphics and a focus on realism – the game certainly has the potential to be the next big thing for fans of ice hockey. So, does it manage to live up to the expectations? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Hockey All-Stars is very straightforward.

There is only a single control scheme available which has an invisible joystick on the left side that appears when you use it and two buttons on the right side. The first button is for passing the puck to your teammates and the second button is to shoot the puck for goals.

If the puck is currently held by the opponent team, the buttons change to ‘poke’ which you use to get the puck back, and ‘body’ which is for physically attacking your opponents to forcefully take it from them.

There are three modes to the game:

The first one is the default game mode which is like a quick match, except it promotes you in league levels.

The second one, called Playoffs, essentially acts as a proper tournament with multiple teams, and it uses energy to be played. As usual, the energy can be purchased, obtained by watching ads, or simply waiting for it to recharge.

The third and last mode is the online multiplayer which still puts you up against AI-controlled opponents just like the first two modes. The only difference is that the teams in this mode are created by other players, so you might run into some very strategic teams higher up on the leaderboard. As with the second mode, this also uses energy for playing matches.

The game follows the basic rules of international ice hockey in all three of the modes, which means the usual things such as periods, penalties, and offsides are all there. You can customize the first game mode in a few ways, such as reducing the overall number of periods and turning penalties on or off, but the other two game modes follow strict rules that you can’t change.

The difficulty of the game is pretty easy and it only gets slightly more difficult as you play onwards. The AI clearly holds itself back, and a good example of that is how the enemies hardly ever physically attack you whereas it’s a feature the player can use as much as they like.

That being said, the game is certainly fun to play and I can see many fans of the sport getting addicted to the aspect of developing their own unique team by unlocking tons of different players.

Scoring goals is fun and even if you don’t update your team very often, you won't really end up losing any matches if you just pay attention to what you’re doing.

However, every game mode plays the same and you might start to get bored of doing the same thing on repeat even if you’re a fan of the sport.

So, ultimately, the game is only truly enjoyable for those who would find both the team-building aspect and playing the matches equally fun – as one without the other will get old fast due to a lack of genuine variety.

Hockey All Stars gameplay Hockey All Stars gameplay


While the graphics of Hockey All-Stars are nothing groundbreaking, they do a decent job of making the game feel realistic.

The environment and character models have a fair amount of detail. However, despite the game offering customization, the players don’t look much different from each other and should be paid attention to if the opponent has similar combinations to you.

There could certainly be an improvement in the textures and variety, but they’re still okay since this is a simple game in general outside of the visuals.

The UI of the game is pretty good and deserves praise due to having so many different menus. Handling that many things can lead to a messy interface, but the team behind Hockey All-Stars did a good job.

The polish is very good and I did not run into any problems at all. The only issue that I had was incredibly minor – and that’s getting a false notification symbol on a section.

Rating: 6

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Reviewed by Spike

Hockey All-Stars is one of the better ice hockey games that you can play on your smartphone, but that’s not saying too much due to the fact it severely lacks variety and is too easy.

Fans of the sport can have some fun with the gameplay and team management mechanics, but it will become repetitive in time. Only those who get easily addicted to the loot box side of the game design will find themselves playing it for long.