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Android, Ios

Johnny Trigger is an action-packed shooting game that is all about style.

What sets it apart from other mobile games in the genre is that it does not let you control the playable character.

This means that the only thing that you control is when to shoot – and sometimes, that’s all you need.

With fluid animations and seemingly addictive gameplay, the game holds a lot of promise.

So, does it live up to its great presentation?. Time to find out.


The gameplay of Johnny Trigger works exactly like an on-rail shooter game.

Your character moves on his own and every time he comes across enemies, he does something acrobatic and you are then able to shoot your enemies.

What makes this game more stylish than any other shooter that I’ve played is that it’s inspired by the bullet-time sequences that we’ve seen in the Max Payne series.

So, every time you’re able to shoot people – the game goes in slow-motion and you can kill everyone in style.

Whether it’s a bullet to the chest or to the head, it’s all up to your timing and accuracy.

And while you can shoot people multiple times for fun, you have limited bullets in each encounter and should make sure you don’t run out of them and leave anyone behind.

All enemies besides the bosses die in one hit and so do you.

Every level has two to three checkpoints and they essentially act like scenarios. If you die, you can resume again right away (or with an ad if you’re playing for free) and your bullets are automatically reloaded each time too.

As you progress further, there are additional things such as hostages you can’t harm, explosive barrels, boss fights, and random things that you can shoot to drop on enemies. Some of the things I mentioned are optional and you can kill your enemies by just simply shooting them too, so there’s a little bit of freedom in how you play the game.

The gameplay is extremely entertaining and every time you clear a level, you eagerly await to play what’s next. It does not get old killing people in cool ways and the game changes enough things to keep the level design fresh as you go on.

If you’ve got enough time, the game is nothing short of addictive.

One thing that I’d like to mention though is that the free version of the game is nearly unplayable. There are too many ads, whether you complete a level or die, there’s always an ad waiting for you. And sometimes when the game gives you ‘optional’ ads for bonuses, even if you decline them, you get an ad anyway right after you exit the menu.

It’s infuriating and while the game’s general premium subscription is unjustifiably expensive, the ‘No Ads’ permanent purchase is rather cheap if you'd rather not have your wifi off while you play, so I highly recommend it.

Johnny Trigger gameplay Johnny Trigger gameplay


The graphics of Johnny Trigger are very simple but they’re nice to look at thanks to the fluidity of the animation. Plus, the game has some very cool skins that you can use to make the experience even better.

The game will look a bit dated in still images, but trust me, when you see it in action – it looks pretty good.

The UI is well-made and feels professional, while the overall polish is excellent considering I did not run into any issues.

The soundtrack is pretty catchy and does not get repetitive at all.

The sound effects are also good and positively contribute to the gameplay. Although a minor issue I have is that all guns sound the same within a single category, which eliminates the point of having licensed weaponry.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Johnny Trigger is an excellent mobile game that never stops being full of action and makes you feel like you're John Wick.

However, it could have used longer levels instead of how abruptly you have to switch every minute.