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Legend of Solgard


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Legend of Solgard is a role-playing game that combines match-three gameplay with turn-based combat in a uniquely fun way.

The game has a stellar presentation and appears very ambitious in terms of how much content it offers.

Whether it’s the various game modes or the dozens of heroes you can use in combat, you’ll be scratching your head while wondering what you should do first.

Regardless, having so much content means nothing if it’s not substantial – so let’s take a look and find out if it manages to put everything to good use.


At its core, Legend of Solgard is a strategic game with turn-based combat.

The player gets to select a loadout of different classes of heroes for every battle and although there are dozens of heroes in each separate class, you can only select one of each at a time.

Once the battle begins, you play as a summoner character who constantly calls the heroes onto the battlefield, and you are given a limited number of moves per turn.

Your goal is to combine three or more of the same hero and that counts as a move - which readies the hero for an attack as soon as your turn ends.

The main task of the enemy is to protect a portal behind them through which their reinforcements can endlessly respawn. You have to destroy the portals above all else since the enemies die automatically as soon as that happens.

The only exception to that is when you run into boss fights. In those, the only thing that has to be done is to kill the boss, there are no portals to close.

Lastly, both the summoner character and your heroes unlock new abilities once they level up. They are not significantly useful or turn the tide in a battle, but they provide minor advantages that can be somewhat useful at times.

Speaking of leveling up, since this is a role-playing game in terms of the mechanics, grinding is a massive aspect of how things work and that’s where the game starts to feel oversaturated.

There are multiple game modes aside from the story campaign that slowly unlock based on how far you have progressed throughout the main game.

The additional modes are called Treasure Caves, Bounties, The Dungeons, Hero Arena, Underworld, and Guild Clash. All of them play exactly the same as the normal campaign, with the only exception being that they follow different types of progressions.

So, why add extra modes to the game if they are going to play the same as the normal levels? The answer is grinding. Although the game rewards good strategies and you can get through levels by just planning your approach right, it becomes downright unbeatable at times when it wants to force you to level up. That’s when you have to grind through the side modes for that, and you are given a limited number of plays for each mode.

Once you run out of play attempts for those modes - you guessed it. The game is filled with different types of currencies, energies, keys, loot boxes, and other things that all contribute towards being able to play the game as much as you want or leveling up your characters. It can be very overwhelming if you try to understand all of this at once and even though the game tries to explain these things to you at a slow pace, it’s still confusing half the time.

When the game isn’t trying to shove microtransactions in your face, it’s refreshingly entertaining to play and I love how you can’t just spam upgrades to win and have to use your brain to strategize too. It has a unique personality and the gameplay is addicting, which makes it stand out among dozens of other turn-based games that I’ve played on smartphones.

However, when the game starts to force you to waste your time on side modes, makes you watch ads for extra energy or coins, or keeps telling you to spend real-world money for upgrades - it becomes obvious whose side the game design is on. It does take away from the experience since you have to constantly take breaks from the story and grind to be able to keep up with the difficulty spikes.

That being said though if you don’t mind grinding in order to progress (so that you don’t have to spend real-world money on the game), it’s still playable enough.

I will go as far as to say it’s a decently structured game with fun gameplay despite said problems.

It’s just far from perfect and would have worked better if it had a one-time purchase to ease up on the grinding.

Legend of Solgard gameplay Legend of Solgard gameplay


Legend of Solgard has pretty good graphics.

The art style is pleasant to look at, which includes both the environment and the character models. The animation is fluid and greatly complements the graphical quality of the game, which makes it one of the best-looking cartoonish games on the mobile platform.

Another thing that looks great is the visual effects, such as fire, ice, things shattering, and whenever magic is used. Even something as simple as the portals in the background showing silhouettes of enemies awaiting their turn looks pretty cool.

As mentioned prior, the game is very oversaturated with things, such as game modes, currencies, items, characters, and the shop is very aggressive about microtransactions. Despite all that, the UI is developed excellently and tries its best to help the player not get lost – which is commendable.

The polish is great too as I did not run into a single issue at all and it runs smooth no matter how crowded the screen gets.

The sound design of the game is surprisingly good.

The background music is fun to listen to and there is enough variety to be found, so it does not sound repetitive.

The sound effects are even better though since they make simple tasks in the game very fun due to how satisfying the sounds are to hear. My favorite sound is when you shatter portals on every level, it just makes you feel like you really did achieve something once it’s combined with the visuals.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Legend of Solgard is a good game and fun to play. If it’s your type of genre, then you’ll find yourself hooked even if you don’t like certain things about it.

Unfortunately, the aggressive free-to-play model can take away from the fun and acts as a hurdle between you and the completion of the game’s story.