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Mars Mars


Pomelo Games

Android, Ios

Today’s mobile games market is crowded with strategy and competitive games.

If you are not in the mood for that, there are also hidden gems that bring therapeutic and relaxing experiences, either with their visuals or audio, or sometimes both.

Mars: Mars is one such game, and in it, you get to explore the baron red planet.

If you're wondering why the game has an echo to its name, don't, we have no clue either. What we can tell you, however, is if it's worth your time or not. So let's find out.


Mars: Mars brings a calming and non-competitive platform game experience with stylistic visuals.

Everything from its minimal gameplay controls to its 2D and atmospheric environments makes the game relaxing to play.

The controls are as simple as tapping either side of the screen to launch your astronaut’s jet pack.

You just try to jump from platform to platform, predicting and calculating the game’s physics.

Unlike other platformers out there, Mars: Mars does not impose a timer or anything to make it competitive.

The main objective is to carefully manage the fuel you get for your jetpack and carefully plan your jumps and routes to explore the world the game presents.

During your playthrough, you will surely (and perhaps often) end your Mars expedition falling to your unfortunate demise, and while this can be seen as the frustrating aspect of the game (because it is), you can simply respawn at the same exact platform to try again, with nothing gained or lost either way.

Mars Mars gameplay Mars Mars gameplay


The in-game content such as the cosmetics it features keeps the game fun, diverse, and trendy. You can change how your astronaut looks.

You can either use in-game credits to get these or use real money to get them without any grinding.

There's not much to say about Mars: Mars, but, without a doubt, the best thing about the game is its scenery. You get to explore a whole new world that is catered to give off a surreal vibe.

Every expedition you take in the rocky mountains, red deserts, deep underwater locations, and green paradises feel therapeutic in their own ways and you can stop to admire the beauty and take an in-game selfie anytime you want throughout the journey.

Rating: 7

Fuzzy shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Fuzzy

If you are a fan of No Man’s Sky and looking for a loosely familiar inspiration in a mobile game, Mars: Mars might just be the closest you will get.

It's a great time killer, but, the gameplay is rather limited and the novelty can wear off after a while.