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Android, Ios

Mousebusters is a story-driven mobile game that has a never-before-seen storyline about intelligent mice who task themselves with taking down every single ghost that they can in order ensure that the residents living inside get to have a normal life.

The gameplay is mainly a life simulation game mixed with shooting and linear story-telling and the two genres blend in perfectly to create an experience unlike any other.

Mousebusters gameplay


Mousebusters is all about grounded characters and worldbuilding, as it quickly sets you up with many different characters and establishes their unique personalities.

You find yourself interfering in their lives for their own good in order to take down the ghosts that plague the rooms and affect their emotional state.

Most of the game is very linear and you will just be clicking objects and checking out the different possibilities each scenario offers.

The shooting aspect comes within the mini-games in which you can practice to shoot better, and the other times you get to shoot is when you find a ghost to shoot – which is as simple as just tapping on it.

There’s no real challenge whatsoever and the game consistently keeps itself as easy as possible, with all of the fun focused on its cute story-telling instead.

One of the most interesting things about the game that I want to discuss is the fact it offers you the ability to pay for a no-ads version and unlike many other games which still try to make you pay for microtransactions for in-game currency – Mousebusters gives you unlimited money as soon as you buy the ads removal.

Additionally, the game’s second chapter is not free and has to be purchased in order to continue.

However, if you refuse to pay for it, the game lets you continue for free as well. You are greeted by an old man who lets you collect 2000 coffee beans for him – in exchange for the ability to play the rest of the game for free. It takes a few minutes but the process can be sped up by watching ads, which is entirely fair as you are about to get the game free after that.

It’s a very beautiful practice unlike any other game that I’ve seen and I really love the developers for being so incredibly considerate.

Mousebusters girl on couch in apartment Mousebusters friends gathered on rooftops to watch fireworks


Mousebusters has very simple graphics and it's completely 2D, but I don’t mind the simplicity at all and instead prefer it for a game of its style.

The UI is basic but coherent, and the polish is pretty decent as well since the game barely has anything besides its main gameplay.

The menus and in-game accessibility are on point, and you can easily see the passion poured into Mousebusters by its developers.

The sound is catchy to listen to and does not get repetitive. It’s pretty simple much like the game’s visual aspect, but it does the job and perfectly captures the game’s lighthearted atmosphere.

Rating: 9

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Reviewed by Spike

Mousebusters is a short but great story-driven mobile game that is completely unique and offers an experience that you will be recommending to your friends.