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Mystery Manor


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Android, Ios

In Mystery Manor, you play as the lead detective, hired by an individual known as Mr.X.

Strange anomalies have been happening since the disappearance of Mr.X. Objects in the Manor seem to change over time, and his own staff have not the foggiest idea as to what has happened to him.

But after exploring the Manor.. in one of the rooms, you discover a peculiar note from Mr. X himself!

What you read is alarming. Mr.X speaks vaguely about a strange event that has occurred, and that he is trapped in his own Manor. As eerie as this may seem, it does not end there.

He asserts that you, detective, must protect the Manor from this threat.


The gameplay of Mystery Manor is that of a point-and-click detective game. It involves finding hidden items, solving puzzles, and occasionally playing a match 3 mini-game.

Upon arrival at the Manor, you are greeted by a cat named Joshua, a mischievous little fellow. He introduces the basics of how to play the game and fills you in on the story as to what has transpired.

When exploring the game, you get to decide on which rooms to enter. Each room, however, requires certain conditions to be met. You may need a special key that can be obtained from quests, or several resources to gain entry.

Once inside a room, you are allotted a certain amount of time to complete the objective which is to find hidden items. This may sound easy on paper but it really isn't when you are playing the game.

Every time you click on something that is not a requirement, your timer drops faster. This prevents you from mindlessly spam clicking every object in the room.

There are gadgets in your inventory that can assist with finding the hidden items:

1. The laser pointer aims directly at the missing item and highlights it.

2. The compass, on the other hand, remains on the screen for 30 seconds pointing in the general direction of the missing item.

3. The bomb instantly grabs three items for you.

And that is a small sample of the many tools that you will need in your investigation to find Mr.X.

Mystery Manor chessboard and piano Mystery Manor match-3


Mystery Manor is a visually stunning game with great artistic detail crafted into every room. The graphics lend to an experience that will you keep immersed in the overall gameplay from start to finish.

The sound and music also fit perfectly and it all blends to convincingly instill that detective-vibe atmosphere.

The game has daily challenges that provide rewards and this keeps you engaged and coming back to the content each time for something different.

Another aspect is the match-three game mode that's been added as a mini-game, where you basically need to line up three matching objects either by row or column. This game event usually occurs when Joshua, that sneak, confesses to you that he stole an item from the Manor, and you have to retrieve it.

There is no timer in the match-three game but you have a limited amount of moves. Boosters are special items that help in clearing objects from each level and just makes it easier to complete. And while the first few stages are admittedly very easy, the difficulty ramps up as you progress. Completing the levels grant you special rewards for the main game.

Rating: 9

Golden trophy for top android game of the month

Reviewed by Jab

Mystery Manor is a riveting detective game with its fun gameplay and visual detail. You can quite literally be captivated for hours due to how immersive the game can feel and it's definitely a must-play for any fans of the genre.

Grab yourself some tea or coffee, detective, there's a mystery to solve.