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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars


nWay Inc.

Android, Ios

Power Rangers is a franchise that was a part of childhoods from all around the world and even those who weren’t fans of it still knew that it existed.

With great popularity comes a ton of licensed video games – and that’s what brings us to Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Designed exclusively for mobile platforms, it’s a tag-team fighting game in which teams of 3 members face-off against each other and fight until only one of them is left standing.

The mobile game was originally made as a tie-in for the recent Hollywood movie, but it includes almost every single ranger from every generation that you can think of.


The gameplay of Power Rangers Legacy Wars does not feature the conventional freedom of a fighting game but instead works similarly to the likes of Mortal Kombat X on mobile.

You can only move back and forth and the moves you can use have cool-down timers.

The bottom of your screen has an energy bar that constantly refills itself and every move requires a certain amount of energy which depletes that bar.

You can mix up a lot of different moves into combos, but there is often an inconsistency for that since your enemies can end up attacking you first and also the fact your move options keep randomly changing.

So, that means you can’t block if the block move hasn’t popped up and if you might want to use a certain attack, you could get a block card instead.

It’s not a bad system but the randomized aspect of it can give your enemies random advantages.

One of the move cards also includes calling in your fellow rangers to help you out, which can be fun and every one of them has different attributes, so things remain fresh.

The game has several modes which include a single-player mode that has a bit of a story, but the main event here is the real-time player vs player mode.

While the multiplayer can feel a bit pay to win at times since grinding takes a while and it randomly pairs you up with people significantly stronger than you, half the time you can still win if you just play your cards right.

It’s a very entertaining experience and well-made online is always welcome when it comes to mobile games as too many of them are poorly implemented. And while I would have preferred a bit of a conventional control scheme, what the game offers is still better than a lot of its competition.

Besides the Power Ranger characters, the game surprisingly also has a couple of cross-over characters from the Street Fighter franchise and a story explanation for them showing up. It’s an odd thing to see, but it eventually racks up the total character count to 88, which is insane and would make any fan of the franchise thrilled.

There are also Megazord fights in the game which work exactly the same as a normal fight, but with just 9 of the giant Megazords available that we see in the series.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars yellow ranger vs red ranger Power Rangers: Legacy Wars robot vs Goldar


The graphics of the game are beautiful and greatly detailed, with high-quality textures spread all over the environment and the character models as well.

It’s satisfying to see how great everyone looks in Power Rangers Legacy Wars and that’s very important for a licensed game because half the appeal is seeing your favorite characters in all their glory.

The sound design is pretty decent and every single thing that you do in the game has a proper effect assigned to it.

There are no memorable tunes to find in the game besides what is carried on from the show itself, but it does not get repetitive and remains fun to listen to.

The UI and polish are top-notch as well and feel very professional, everything is placed conveniently and wouldn’t feel rough-around-the-edges to even people with particularly high standards.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a mobile game that would easily satisfy fans of the franchise with its large roster, and it’s very addicting to collect your favorite characters.

Once you finally have them, you will spend hours leveling them up to battle for victory in the online matches.