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Android, Ios

Puzzle games almost always find an audience for themselves.

Some are known for being incredibly challenging, while others are a bit on the easy side so people of all ages can enjoy them.

But every now and then, there are those mobile games that completely swim against the tide and deliver a unique experience that you cannot stereotype.

Quell is one such game and is extremely relaxing in every single department, whether it’s the gameplay, the aesthetics, or the music. Everything about Quell just wants you to kick back and play the game’s creative levels in peace.


Quell is very simple.

You play as a bubble that can be slid into any direction, and there’s usually a limited amount of moves to use which counts towards a perfect score, but you can still do as many moves as you like and unlock the next set of levels anyway.

Your goal is to slide the bubble and catch the pearls in every level.

There’s not really more to be said about the gameplay as this is all there is to it, the fun comes within the different traps and variants to the puzzles that arise – such as a door you can only pass through once and spikes that pop your bubble and force you to retry.

The game first asks you whether you wish to play the tutorial or the game, and the option to play the tutorial never goes away if you picked the wrong option impulsively.

As soon as you finish the tutorial, the game seamlessly transitions you to the main levels, and that’s something it continues to do in the main game as well from level to level.

The levels are built with great care and can be as fun as they can be challenging.

Quell Gameplay Quell Gameplay


As soon as you begin the game, you’ll notice how elegant it is in its design, whether it’s the visuals that are soft and easy to follow or the friendly UI that is textured with familiar designs that exist in almost every modern household.

The focus of Quell is on being relaxed, and even the backgrounds of each level are things such as natural scenery or clouds while raindrops appear here and there.

This all carries onto the game’s soundtrack as well, which is something you would see most players compliment before anything else about the game.

The background music is beautiful and relaxing, which is mostly different soft tunes played on a piano. It really complements the aesthetic and soothes your ears as you play the game, and it’ll be stuck in your head for some time once you’re done.

The other sound effects are pretty neat too although they get outspoken by the music half the time.

After a hard day’s work, this is the type of relaxing experience I need sometimes instead of extreme levels of brainstorming that a lot of the other mobile games of this genre require.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Quell is easily one of the best puzzle games that I’ve played. It’s a great mobile game that will reward you just as much as it will challenge you.