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Real Boxing 2


Vivid Games S.A.

Android, Ios

Vivid Games S.A has a very large catalog of mobile games but most of them feel like a pastiche of other more popular names.

As an exception, Real Boxing 2 is one of their biggest games as it has very high-quality graphics that utilize Unreal Engine 4 and it promises to provide a realistic boxing experience that would satisfy fans of the sport.

With multiple modes, lots of customization, and a few licensed boxers - the game certainly holds a lot of potential.

But like with any other fighting game on mobile devices, the execution determines everything. So, just how good is Real Boxing 2 really? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Real Boxing 2, unfortunately, falls victim to the same overly simplified formula of mobile fighting games.

The controls are very straightforward as you cannot move your character in any direction.

Attacking is done by swiping on the screen. Both the left and right sides of the screen have very similar attacks so it’s hard to tell the difference most of the time.

What kind of attack you use depends on which way you swipe.

For example, swiping upwards allows you to do an uppercut attack while swiping downwards allows you to attack the person on the lower side of their body.

Additionally, there are a few on-screen buttons that are used for super moves, blocking attacks, dodging attacks, and a charged punch.

The super moves and charged punch require you to successfully hit your enemy a bunch of times, and then you can use them once they’re ready.

The fighting aspect of the game is incredibly automated and relies on the player buying upgrades for their character. There is no skill involved and every match is simply mashing on the screen until you win.

If you don’t aggressively purchase new items, replay previous matches, and watch tons of ads to upgrade your statistics – you will lose every fight no matter what.

The game has three modes, the main being the career mode, another where you can win championship belts, and lastly an online mode which the developers claim has real-time PvP.

All three of them play in the exact same way and have the same issue where you can’t win anything without aggressively buying upgrades.

There is also a ‘Gym’ section that has three mini-games that help you boost your stats. They involve jumping ropes, punching a bag, and practicing your strikes. All three give very little reward but aren’t boring.

An interesting thing to note is that the online mode does not have real-time PvP at all. Instead, the game just puts you against an AI-controlled version of other players, and these matches are not paired based on rank as the opponents can be unbeatable most of the time.

The game has no variety and given how automated the gameplay is, there’s hardly any fun to be had.

To make things worse, the game feels more like an advertisement for a game than an actual game that you’re supposed to play. There is a ridiculously large number of ads at every corner, which sometimes even play if you just don’t tap on the screen for a few seconds.

Everything about the game, such as the customizable gear, the energy system that is used by matches, and playing a fight, is riddled with ads and cooldowns.

So, to enjoy the game you would have to pay a lot of real-world money but the gameplay is not at all worth sinking your money into.

The only cool thing the game has is that there are a few licensed boxers like Manny Pacquiao, but it’s something you have to spend real-world money on and, again, that’s not worth it when it comes to Real Boxing 2. You won’t be staying here for long.

Real Boxing 2 gameplay Real Boxing 2 gameplay


The graphics of Real Boxing 2 are very realistic for a mobile game and they’re definitely the best thing about it.

Everything is very detailed and looks high definition in quality, which makes the game feel like a premium sports experience that you’d see from a company like EA on the console market. There isn’t much originality, but it’s still a treat to see something this appealing running on your smart device.

The UI of the game is pretty decent considering how oversaturated the game is with menus and microtransactions.

However, the polish of the game has a couple of issues. Sometimes an ad can freeze your screen and you have to re-open the game to fix the problem, whereas the character models sometimes glitch out and their arms stretch thin for a split second.

These issues aren’t something that would distract you too much from a good game but in something mediocre like Real Boxing 2, it can be very annoying.

The sound design of the game is pretty good. There are a bunch of different background music tracks that play on fixed parts of the game. They can get a bit old if you play the game for long, but the sound effects and catchiness of the music make up for it. Everything feels high-quality in this department and complements the game’s graphics very well.

Rating: 4

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Real Boxing 2 had a lot of potential, but it’s clear that it’s not supposed to be a good mobile game. Instead, it’s supposed to be something that tries to get you addicted into spending a lot of real-world money for a whole lot of nothing.