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Android, Ios

Real Racing 3 is a mobile game that you could easily confuse for something that you’d find on a gaming console.

Despite being made exclusively for a handheld experience, the game looks very realistic and features licensed tracks and cars that immediately grab your attention.

It’s no surprise that a mobile game like this is published by none other than Electronic Arts – who happen to be incredibly well-known for their investment in the sports genre of video games.

So, with such an appealing presentation and a foundation set by two previous games in the franchise, is this truly the ultimate racing experience that it claims to be?

Let's put it to the test and find out.

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As soon as you begin playing Real Racing 3, you will realize there is a long list of options to choose from in every single department.

First of all, with your car you have multiple points of view to pick from, which include first-person, third-person, and other variations in which you can see the interior of the car as you drive.

Then we have driving assist options where if you toggle everything off makes handling the car difficult but very realistic – something that hardcore fans of the sport will certainly appreciate. Whereas the average gamer would prefer having some of the assists on for a smoother experience. I’ve never seen another game handle the variety so gracefully on the mobile platform before.

Now, speaking of the gameplay itself, the variety offered by Real Racing 3 is overwhelming.

You have many different modes to choose from and there are always so many events you can partake in. We have over 300 licensed vehicles to choose from and all from big manufacturers such as Ford, McLaren, Bugatti, and more.

And then we have 19 real-life tracks from all over the world which include Monza, Dubai Autodrome, Circuit of the Americas, Yas Marina, and more. There are several configurations offered for these tracks which keeps the experience fresh at all times, especially between different game modes.

Aside from the excellent single-player that never runs out of content, we also have a cross-platform multiplayer mode in which you can race against real players and compete on the international leaderboard. If you want to avoid real-time multiplayer and instead just race against records set by others – there’s a mode for that too.

Hearing about all of the features might make you worry that they are not all fleshed out or poorly implemented – but that’s not the case and no matter what car you pick in the game, you will have an excellent driving experience regardless.

While it’s incredibly fun to play the game’s competitive modes, you can also kick back and play calmly as well in modes such as Time Trial, which allows you to beat your own best times and to also compete with the world’s top players. It’s almost therapeutic to select the settings that best suit your preferences – and simply take a long drive.

Real Racing 3 gameplay Real Racing 3 gameplay


The graphics of Real Racing 3 are some of the best that I’ve experienced on a mobile device – and I’d easily mistake it for a console game if I saw it on a big sceen TV.

Every single car is extremely detailed in terms of its outside appearance and interior. You can see a driver inside the cars and they even have proper steering animations.

The environments are based on real-life locations as previously mentioned, so they all look amazing and have great detail which makes it feel like you’re actually there. It’s one of the most immersive mobile sports games and the attention to detail is incredible.

Now, I know that Real Racing 3 has so much content that it would be very difficult to balance the UI out, but I’d still prefer if it was a bit clearer.

There’s too much information thrown at the player at all times in the menus with so many events and not being better categorized. But it still feels professional and does a respectable job for how much the game has to display in terms of modes and options.

The polish, on the other hand, is perfect. It’s surprising how well the game runs on budget phones despite how amazing it looks, and I did not run into a single issue in my time with the game. It’s an excellent example of what an experienced team can do with enough development time and a high budget.

The sound design does not lag behind in terms of the game’s overall realism. Every single sound that you would expect to hear is present, whether it’s the car, the collision, or the environment. And the background music is pretty good too and plays in the best ways to enhance your racing experience – especially during competitive moments.

Rating: 9

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Reviewed by Spike

Despite not being an avid fan of mobile racing games, Real Racing 3 is something that had me hooked for every second that I played it.

It’s very realistic, offers addictive gameplay, and runs like a charm no matter what device you’re on.