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Roblox Corporation

Android, Ios

When it comes to Roblox, it can be hard to describe what it truly is.

A common comparison that Roblox faces is with Minecraft, but the latter can easily be described as a video game before other things.

Roblox, on the other hand, is more of a platform that offers a virtual sandbox for players to experiment with, and that results in thousands of unique mobile games that you can play within Roblox’s engine.

The games can be based on many different genres. Some Roblox games are about shooting, others are about racing, role-playing, fishing, the list keeps going on and there is pretty much no stop to it whatsoever.

The obvious question, though, is if it’s still worth your time 14 years after release.


The gameplay of Roblox has no limits, and that is the best thing about it.

How you play is entirely based on what game you choose from it's massive platform.

There are simple servers where you just log in for free and make friends, do small jobs, drive cars, and even live inside houses.

But on the other hand, you can try out more specific servers that allow you to invade dungeons of monsters and fight them for treasure, become a pirate on ships floating in the sky, compete against other players in hand-to-hand combat, and so on.

The one thing that would affect the gameplay here from Roblox’s end would be the polish – which is very important for any platform to have. I’ll be honest, it’s not the smoothest engine that I’ve tried out.

There’s undeniably a lot of wonkiness here and there and even the most well-made games in the community still have the clunky movement that you will consistently feel with every single thing you do.

However, if you are fine with the dated controls – everything else is going to be a complete treat for you.

If you join the right servers, there will be high-quality music and sound effects, tons of character customization, in-game currencies that you can earn and spend on items, and so much more that it would take me a year to list everything.

So, it’s really about how much you’re willing to overlook.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to learn how to play any of the different game modes, even for a child. And the core controls are still the same as anything else on smartphones – a certain part of the screen moves the character, a button on the right helps you jump, and you can move the camera from the middle right of the screen.

Roblox guy with dreadlocks on street Roblox chatting with buddies


The biggest drawback Roblox has is in its graphics quality.

The textures are severely outdated and everything looks like a Lego.

Of course, the official Lego games have significantly better visuals – so there’s no excuse present here besides the fact the community does not seem to mind the low graphics quality. There’s a lot of room for improvement in this aspect, but we may never see it as long as the game continues to have millions of players login every day.

Another thing worth noting is that a lot of the games on the Roblox platform, especially the ones that are created with extra effort, either require a small payment to be allowed entry into or let you in but lock certain areas out unless you’re willing to pay.

You can buy ‘Robux’ within the app, which is the unique in-game currency that you can safely purchase and use wherever you like.

If you want to play for free, though, it’s still possible to have lots of fun because there are many decent free games available on the platform.

The UI is pretty decent and straightforward, which is surprising for an app as oversaturated with content as this.

But sometimes, UI-related things depend on what game server you joined, and many of them are created by children so it might be confusing or outright annoying. The same goes for music because the community decides what to put inside their games rather than the developers of the engine. So, it entirely depends on what game you join.

Roblox also offers cross-play, which is an excellent addition to an already rewarding application, as it allows you to play with your friends regardless of what device they’re on. And of course, it lets the player have personal accessibility as well since they can switch between devices with ease.

Rating: 8

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Reviewed by Spike

Although dated in many aspects, Roblox is still a solid experience that appeals to children and teenagers alike, and its endless community content allows mobile gamers to have hundreds of hours’ worth of virtual activities to do.