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isTom Games

Android, Ios

Robot Destroyer: Red Siren is a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up game that has an arcade feel to it, reminiscent of classic coin-operated video games like Metal Slug.

It’s set in the year 2138 and takes place in a space-based futuristic setting, as you fly around in a spaceship and take down all different kinds of mechanical threats.

The mobile game features high-quality graphics, multiple upgradeable ships to play as, and tons of different types of enemies to fight.

With the right blueprints, it seems like a very good addition to the genre.

So, is that impression correct? Let’s play and find out.

robot destroyer gameplay


Much like other arcade games, the gameplay of Red Siren is very straightforward.

In every level, you have to find and eliminate enemies from both the left and right sides of the screen.

You only have one goal aside from killing enemies, and that is making sure that your base remains safe. Enemies will try to get close to your HQ from both sides and it’s up to you to make sure that it’s not damaged beyond repair.

The controls are simple, one on-screen analog stick controls movement and the other one needs to be held towards the direction that you want to shoot in. There is an automatic option too, in which the shooting is done by itself rather than through the use of a button. And lastly, as you unlock new ways to attack – additional buttons appear on the screen.

Although you can unlock new ships to play as in the game, even upgrading the default one adds significant differences to its appearance and effectiveness. There are many different types of firepower and attacks to unlock, and the game is not that limited in terms of how much money that it provides you with.

Robot Destroyer: Red Siren is addictively entertaining to play. It’s very satisfying to hunt down and kill the robotic enemies and the game has enough enemy types to keep the experience exciting. The difficulty of the game spikes as you progress through its levels, but unlike many pay-to-win mobile games, Red Siren rewards your skill.

Of course, just upgrading all of your things will allow you to have better chances at winning – but if you play carefully by dodging enemy fire and mixing up your attack patterns, you’ll be able to get through most levels without having to change your power stats. This alone makes the game far more fun to play than most other smartphone games because they often make the game impossible to be beaten unless you upgrade your character every five minutes.

Robot Destroyer gameplay Robot Destroyer  gameplay


Robot Destroyer: Red Siren has superb graphics.

Everything is highly detailed, whether it’s the environment, the vehicle models, or even the background of stages.

What particularly impressed me is how many variations in design our ships have, since every upgrade adds new visual additions to it.

The animation is pretty fluid too and the game avoids aesthetic repetition as the later levels change the background and terrain significantly – so the game hits all the right marks in the graphics department.

The UI is decent and feels smooth to use, but it could have been a bit more obvious. It took me a minute to figure out how to access the ships section of the game even though it generally opens it for you automatically once you complete a level.

The polish on the other hand is great, as I did not run into any issues at all and the game runs very well without a single FPS drop despite how good it looks.

The sound design of the game is good enough for the arcade experience that it is. There’s nothing memorable or above-average about it, but it does still make the overall experience better when hearing all the right sound effects for whatever is going on in the game.

Rating: 8

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Reviewed by Spike

Robot Destroyer: Red Siren isn’t here to revolutionize the genre, but it knows how to deliver a highly enjoyable shoot ‘em up experience. It could use minor improvements with the UI and its sudden difficulty spikes – but it’s nothing that hinders the entertainment value of this mobile game.