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Rooster Defense

Tower Defense


Android, Ios

Rooster Defense is a mobile game that takes the best parts of the Tower Defence genre and mixes it up with a faster-paced approach.

It follows a ridiculously fun premise where genetically modified chickens have created an army and have to protect themselves from humans who keep trying to break their stronghold.

That might be enough to pique your interest, but ultimately, it's the gameplay that will decide if it's really worth your time. So, let's find out.


Rooster Defense follows the usual tower defense mechanics.

You have to place turrets in real-time and can change your strategic approaches to ensure that the endless waves of oncoming enemies and bosses are best dealt with before they manage to infiltrate your last line of defense.

Instead of the conventional ‘save up money by completing levels and then buy upgrades’, the game has a unique system where you have to collect multiple turrets and combine them with each other to create a stronger, more powerful version of your defensive weaponry.

The game has ads but does not bother you with them from the time I spent on it, they are completely optional and give you rewards.

I usually give in and watch an ad or two for rewards in most mobile games, but I did not have to do that with Rooster Defense and just ignored it for the conventional grind – which does pay off.

The gameplay is addictive anyway, so the grind did not bother me at all.

You are rewarded free lootboxes every time you beat a boss battle, and if you lose a certain level or boss fight, the game throws you back to the previous level so you can farm further and buy the upgrades you need.

These little details are incredibly player friendly and that’s an amazing thing because there are one too many games that purposefully frustrate you into spending real-life money.

Rooster Defense towers in jungle shooting enemies Rooster Defense winter map with lighting from sky


The graphics of Rooster Defense are fully 3D and very fun to look at.

The game also uses comic-book cutscenes for when it needs to tell you its goofy storyline.

The models all have a decent level of detail, the environment looks great, and the textures expand upon the game’s unique personality.

The UI and polish of the game are excellent but there are a few grammar bits that could be better here and there, it’s not really distracting and is just a matter of translation not being tip-top.

The sound design is also very well-done and does not disappoint.

Every single sound effect is present and of decent quality, and the background music is very catchy and does not begin to feel repetitive even later on. Admittedly it’s nothing special or memorable, but for the standards set by a lot of other mobile games, this is very good quality.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Rooster Defense is not the most original mobile tower defence game out there nor the one with the most content, but that does not stop it from being an extremely fun game that’s full of polish and a unique charm that sets it apart from its competition.