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Shadow Hunter Lost World


Enigma Software JSC


Shadow Hunter: Lost World is a hack ‘n’ slash video game that is an interesting blend between a hardcore game and something that anyone can get into.

While its developers (Enigma Software) don’t have a long catalog to show, a single glance at the game makes it clear that it’s not the work of an amateur.

The focus seems to be on providing an authentic dark-action experience. So, how well is the concept executed? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Shadow Hunter is all about slaying one monster after another.

There are many special attacks that you can unlock as you progress through the game, but you can only equip three at a time. Each one has a cool-down timer, so you’ll have to be mindful about how you use them.

The special attacks range from things like powerful slashes, parries, and counter-attacks that allow you to strategize how you approach your offensive and defensive options.

There are different types of enemies in the game, from simple undead warriors to powerful necromancers, and once you complete a chapter, you face entirely new creatures that you had never seen before. Every foe has its patterns and ideal ways you can fight them in, which keeps things fresh no matter how far you get in the game.

Finally, we have dramatic boss encounters that await you at the end of every chapter., Some of the bosses are very intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire fight.

There is a lot to do in the game besides the campaign, the other modes include being able to face only the bosses that you have previously encountered, and there is also a tower mode that has special challenges.

Aside from the characters, enemies, and combat – the game is filled with role-playing mechanics that allow you to use unique items to enhance your statistics, such as special weapons, armor, boots, and even amulets. Furthermore, there are different sections where you can unlock things such as orbs and runes and assign them to your character for increased power.

The game is filled with variety in every single department that you can think of and you will never run out of new content to experience. But the interesting thing is that you will not need to indulge in most of these things. I completed several chapters of the game without needing to delve deeper into any of the aforementioned gameplay mechanics, as you do just fine by equipping whatever new item that you receive.

The combat in the game is extremely satisfying and it’s addictively entertaining to progress through the game’s beautifully designed levels. It does not matter how many enemies you have slain; you will always want to fight even more and realize that you’ve spent more time in the game than you originally planned to.

The early chapters start off easy as well, so there's little frustration, but you can expect to be challenged to your limit as you get further into the game.

Whenever you feel like taking a break from the campaign mode, you can play many of the other things that the game has to offer and find yourself immersed in its world once more. The gameplay loop is amazingly well-done which is something hard to see in free-to-play mobile games.

Shadow hunter lost world gameplay Shadow hunter lost world gameplay


The graphics of Shadow Hunter are a bit on the minimalist side – but it works perfectly for the game’s dark atmosphere.

While the characters are fairly detailed, they are mostly rendered in darkness so only certain features of their appearance stand out. The enemies and bosses all look different enough from each other and the distinction is cleverly displayed through lighting and color effects that are unique to them.

The backgrounds are beautifully populated and greatly contribute to the game’s aesthetics – which will certainly remind you of big names in the industry such as the Dark Souls franchise.

Despite its simple graphics, the game stands out amongst other action games and its animations make the incredible combat all the more satisfying.

While Shadow Hunter is a game oversaturated by features, mechanics, and game modes – the UI is actually extremely pleasant to explore. Every aspect is easy to find and is perfectly separated from each other, which allows it to feel like a premium experience rather than a bunch of things awkwardly thrown together.

The polish of the game is pretty good too, as I only ran into a single problem and that never repeated after I reset the game.

The sound design is some of the best that I’ve experienced in a mobile game.

There are dedicated background tunes for different levels, modes, and even in the game’s menu – everything sounds beautiful. The sound effects are very high-quality too, there’s a sound for everything that you see in the game, and tearing through an enemy’s flesh is particularly satisfying to hear.

Rating: 8

Fuzzy the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Fuzzy

Shadow Hunter is an immaculately designed hack and slash game that keeps you immersed within its diverse world from start to finish.

Whether you’re playing the campaign mode or taking on many of its challenges, everything is perfectly balanced and can be completed with skill rather than aggressive microtransactions.