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Sky Children of the Light


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Journey (2012 video game) comes yet another unique experience that is as relaxing as it is heartwarming.

Sky: Children of the Light is surprisingly large in scale for a mobile game and has a very fleshed-out social aspect to indulge in should you wish to.

However, being an ambitious project and coming from a respected company can sometimes still miss the mark. So let's find out if that's the case here or not.


The gameplay of Sky is a unique experience and cannot be summed up by a single genre, as it’s an adventure that incorporates different elements into one game.

The closest thing you can call it is an adventure platformer, and that’s what you will be doing most in the game.

The ‘core’ mechanics include walking and jumping around different obstacles and interacting with the game’s world in unique ways which include things like lighting candles, showing gestures to random NPCs and players, flying, and many other things which take time and effort to unlock.

The world to explore is massive and you can approach the way you travel in different ways either through walking or flying.

The game is easy to get lost in due to its visual design but it offers you enough hints and the ability to know exactly where to go by simply tapping on yourself.

There are multiplayer options as well, in which you can play through different levels and complete challenges that may otherwise be hard for you to do on your own. It’s very similar to Journey in the sense that multiplayer is not necessary but it elevates the experience if you have the right buddies.

Legend of Solgard gameplay Legend of Solgard gameplay


The graphics and polish are absolutely amazing and deserve the highest praise.

It's stunningly gorgeous and sophisticated no matter what part of the game you are in, while the UI focuses on minimalism and self-adjusts to your device and preferences.

The game further prides itself on its sound design and goes as far as to say that ‘half the experience is the sound’ with a recommendation of using headphones for a deeper experience.

And it’s not wrong either, because the game’s sound effects are certainly high quality and the background music is full of heart. It’s beautiful and changes dynamically based on where you are, and truly adds a lot to the overall experience.

I’d say you don’t necessarily need headphones though but it still makes things slightly better.

The icing on an already perfect cake is the game’s social aspect, which is full of cool and adorable features.

You meet real people with the option to befriend them, after which there are safe chat options available; but you will honestly find yourself silently playing along together instead of doing things such as showing off your skins, playing music or speaking in the game’s funny little noises, and just enjoying each other’s presence knowing you probably won't see each other again.

There’s a certain appeal to doing those things as well which many direct online experiences do not offer you, and that’s something that makes Sky special.

The game lets you play for free without annoying ads but has a fair share of in-game purchases that help you get gain certain things sooner than what grind would get you otherwise. It’s fairly justified for how much effort is put into the game, and even if you spend a bit of money you wouldn't be wasting it.

Rating: 10

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

I’ve played and reviewed many mobile games and certainly enjoyed a lot of them, but it’s not often that you can say you fell in love with one too.

It’s a nearly perfect game and will impact you in ways you wouldn’t expect it to and there’s hardly anything to improve in terms of the game itself.