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Snail Bob 3


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Snail Bob 3 is an interesting mixture of platformer and puzzle games that require precise patterns for completing every level.

Hamster Games is a competent game developer, but apart from Snail Bob 3, the only games they have developed are its predecessors.

When a team is devoted only to a single series of games, the one guarantee that you usually have is a focused direction. That seems to be true in Snail Bob 3’s case due to its appealing presentation that shows off cute visuals and creative gameplay elements.

So, does the game live up to the expectations? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Snail Bob 3 starts off as very automated in the early levels.

The playable character moves on his own and you can only control his direction.

So what you’re actually supposed to do is to manipulate things on the screen to lead him towards the exit door.

You can press buttons to unlock certain doors, control the movement of platforms, and tap on enemies to temporarily make them harmless. There are also stars that you can collect in every level and golden chests can be found too.

The game then begins mixing the level design up by providing the player with more things to interact with.

New mechanics are introduced slowly so that you can get used to them, but the real adventure begins when the game finally gives you power-ups, allowing you to do things more directly for progression.

There is a jump power-up that causes your snail to jump forward and bypass obstacles, and then a cannon power-up that lets you break through objects and hit enemies. These items can be found in levels and also given to you at the very beginning, all based on what’s required in each puzzle that you face.

Eventually, all of these things combine to make interesting and creative levels that keep providing you with new ways to progress.

There is one interesting thing to be noted about Snail Bob 3 - Its sheer attention to detail.

In most stages, there are so many random things that you can do. For example, there is this spider character that is randomly painting, or practicing juggling or swinging like Spider-Man at times. You can tap on it to make it perform a unique animation, and at times you even get something new for your persistence.

That’s just one of the things, as there is so much variation in many aspects of the game.

There are many unlockable skins, the enemies keep changing and have to be eliminated in different ways, and there are always so many different ways to die, some of which include unique animations of their own. You can even switch between whether your snail is moving or not, and then things like jumping have slight differences if you’re hiding inside the shell.

However, for all the content that the game has – it’s tailored specifically for a young audience.

Despite the variation in gameplay, the game remains incredibly easy no matter how far you get into it. For an adult, every challenge is very simple, and basic presses of a few buttons always lead you straight to the end of the level.

If the game was a proper platformer, this may not have been an issue for older audiences. But since it’s quite an automated game that just wants you to press a bunch of buttons and stick to very precise gameplay patterns – you just begin to zone out due to a lack of engagement.

With that being said – this is an incredibly fun game for children as it would surely take them much longer to figure out how to get past every level. You get rewarded for collecting all of the stars, there’s a time trial mode that lets you unlock special levels and a simulation mode in which you can build towns for your snails to live and interact with.

So, there’s a lot to be done in the game and it will keep children hooked from start to finish.

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The graphics of Snail Bob 3 are very good, which is not a surprise as it’s always one of the most advertised things about these games.

Everything looks beautiful, lively, and friendly – which is exactly how it should be for such a lighthearted game.

The animation is especially very fluid, which allows everything to almost feel like a cartoon that’s playing on your TV.

Although a bit crowded with ads in certain places, the UI of the game is pretty well-made and everything is easy to find too. It’s consistent with the game’s adorable graphics, so you’ll never find something out of place in the interface. Besides, you can just buy no-ads to get rid of the small hiccup it has to begin with.

The polish of the game is generally decent but has a few issues. You can run into the game going blank for a bit or freezing once a level has been completed. They’re not game-breaking but it’s still something that can be annoying if the game is less optimized for your device.

The background music of Snail Bob 3 is decent and the sound effects are pretty good in quality too. However, there’s not a variety in the music and it gets a bit tedious after a point. It’s at least not poorly looped though, which is an issue with many indie mobile games.

Rating: 7

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Reviewed by Spike

Snail Bob 3 is a game made specifically for kids, as people of older ages will find it too slow and easy. But whether it’s the creative gameplay, likable characters, or the long list of things to be done – it will keep children of all ages busy and engaged.