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Soda Dungeon 2


Armor Games

Android, Ios

Soda Dungeon 2 is a dungeon crawler that does not take itself too seriously.

The mobile game is full of humor, easy-to-follow gameplay, crisp 2D graphics, and a very fair level-up system that lets you enjoy it without having to use any of the microtransactions.

The story is hilarious and barely existent at the same time, there’s a nice joke here and there and every character is extremely honest and casual with you instead of following boring cliches of the genre.


The gameplay of Soda Dungeon 2 is turn-based and very straightforward.

You will find yourself recruiting random travelers that are attracted to your tavern based on how appealing the soda is, and you can embark on adventures through minefields and castles as a team.

You fight your way through waves of enemies and have the ability to go to different dimensions every once in a while, which can either bring about an incredibly difficult enemy or fairies that grant you extra health.

While Soda Dungeon 2 is fun to play anyway, if you’re busy you can turn on the auto-combat feature that is similar to most ‘idle’ games – which means the characters in your party will fight for you in your absence and grind money and loot. When your team is defeated and returns back to the tavern, you can continue where you left off and start playing the game more on your terms.

Speaking of the tavern, it’s one of the many things that add to the game’s replayability, as it is extremely customizable not only in terms of how many chairs and tables you can put in it, but also things like themes and textures.

It does not stop there, because you can also have other buildings constructed within your town such as a blacksmith forge, a wizard’s shop, and so on.

Soda Dungeon 2 three warriors fighting dragon boss Soda Dungeon 2 tavern with a fireplace


Soda Dungeon 2 is one of the most gorgeous 2D games of its kind that I’ve played, and the seamless transitions and smoothness within the game’s polish add to the experience.

The graphics are very well-crafted.

There are enough colors to keep your eyes engaged and the models, especially of the enemies, are detailed and beautifully animated.

The soundtrack is extremely catchy and has a strong 8-bit vibe to it, which fits perfectly for a 2D dungeon crawler game.

The general sound effects are very well-done too and there’s nothing missing, as every tiny thing has a sound and you can tell that the production was not held back at all when it comes to the quality; which is surprising given how small the game’s development team is.

And while Soda dungeon 2 is a bit grindy if you don’t want to spend real money for the in-game upgrades, it’s somewhat forgivable because a mobile dungeon crawler of its kind wouldn’t be fun if everything was easy anyway.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

There are hundreds of hours of content in Soda Dungeon 2 and what makes it more fun than most other dungeon crawler mobile games is the fact it is extremely confident in what it wants to be and executes it beautifully.